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Six advantages of CNC cutting machine

The CNC cutting machine is mainly used for sheet cutting processing. Using this equipment can achieve better processing results, so it is very popular in the sheet metal processing industry. So do you know what the advantages of this equipment are? How much do you know about this? Next, Jiabang CNC will give you a detailed summary.

Four Process Nested CNC RouterThe advantages of CNC cutting machine

Improve the utilization rate of the board.

There are many limitations in the cutting of traditional woodworking machinery, the styles that can be processed are limited, and the rate of sheet waste is higher. The cutting machine is equipped with an air-cooled or water-cooled spindle, driven by a servo motor, which can rotate in any direction and cut various special shapes. As long as the graphics that need to be processed are imported on the computer, the graphics can be processed in full accordance with the set graphics, reducing waste as much as possible.

Save labor.

The processing of the CNC cutting machine is carried out under the control of the computer. What the worker needs to do is to preset the shape, size and parameters to be processed in the computer, and the rest can be handed over to the computer. Therefore, no matter how complex the work is, it can be done by one person, and even one person can operate more than two machines, which greatly saves labor.

Reduce labor intensity.

The CNC cutting machine no longer requires workers to perform cutting processing as before, just put the workpiece on the cutting machine, and remove the processed product from the cutting machine after processing.

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Processing efficiency is higher.

The CNC cutting machine can work continuously. As long as the computer program is set, it can be processed continuously. Although the speed of a single workpiece is not necessarily greater than the speed of manual opening, from the perspective of continuous batch processing, it greatly saves various intermediate The time of replacement and adjustment is more efficient, and it can also be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading platform to realize fully automatic processing, further improve the degree of automation, reduce labor time of workers, and improve processing efficiency.

Good dust removal effect.

The dust removal effect of the cutting machine is much better than that of the table saw and other machines, which can reduce the pollution of dust to people, the environment and equipment.


The cutting machine is a fool-like operation, all computer calculations, zero error and zero failure rate, simple operation, ordinary workers can directly operate after training, which is convenient and fast.

Regarding the advantages of the CNC cutting machine, the above content has been introduced to you. From this, we learned that the equipment can improve the utilization rate of the plate in processing, save labor, improve the processing speed, and have a better dust removal effect. It can be said that it is very effective. Good processing equipment.

Features of cutting machine equipment:

Automatic lubrication system: provide lubricating oil to the equipment regularly and quantitatively to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the equipment, and has functions such as abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. Guarantee the accuracy and prolong the service life of the transmission mechanism.

Automatic tool setting device: high-precision automatic tool setting instrument, 1 micron repeatability, suitable for 95% of the operating systems on the market, easy to install, the tool setting surface is made of superhard alloy, stable and durable, IP67 deep waterproof. Improve machining accuracy and work efficiency. Compared with manual tool setting, it saves 70% of operation time, improves machining accuracy by 30%, and reduces product defect rate.

Positioning cylinder device: 90° angle L-shaped cylinder, sway rate is within 2 wires, the cylinder is made of high-precision aluminum alloy, the cylinder surface is flat and smooth, the cast iron base is durable, the optional shaft diameter is easy to install, and the thread is clear and has good sealing performance. Automatic lifting, accurate positioning of the board to be processed, reducing the time for manual positioning of the board, and improving the board loading efficiency; with a cross-border protection device When the positioning shaft of the cylinder is extended, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent the spindle tool from cutting Cylinder or prevent the cylinder shaft from damaging the tool, thus improving safety performance.

Automatic loading and unloading platform:

Automatic feeding platform: The platform can automatically adjust the height according to the number of plates. When automatic feeding is required, the adsorption device mounted on the beam can absorb the plate from the auxiliary feeding platform, and drag the plate to the processing table through the movement of the beam.

Automatic unloading platform: Through the pusher system mounted on the beam, the finished sheet on the table can be pushed to the unloading platform. The conveyor belt of the auxiliary unloading table can complete the unloading without moving the position of the board, complete the secondary dust removal, and ensure the cleanliness of the table. Save labor costs, quickly pay back costs, meet the needs of production lines, fully automatic and intelligent operations, and increase efficiency by 60%.

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