Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine

Daily Maintenance Of Foam Cutting Machine CNC

In the daily production process, the operator of the foam cutting machine cnc should use the machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and control the operating skills of the engraving machine, especially the engraving users should pay more attention to this problem. The foam engraving machine has a great influence on the engraving accuracy. If the engraving results of the foam engraving machine are blurred due to human factors, the loss is not worth it.

CNC Foam Cutting Machine

Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine

If you do not know whether the foam engraving machine enters the workpiece, you need to check whether there is a problem with the engraving path of the engraving machine. The experience accumulated in practice is of great relevance. What kind of tool and engraving depth should be selected for the engraving effect? These problems require foam cutting machine cnc operators to operate and understand in actual operation.

Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine

Check whether the woodworker driven by the foam cutting cnc machine frame will have waste; there is no debris on the frame, and there may be gaps on the main shaft of the foam engraving machine, which will also cause the engraving effect of the engraving machine to be blurred. It is also necessary to check the lubrication effect of the main shaft of the engraving machine to avoid the engraving machine being half-stoppe

4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine

Daily maintenance of foam engraving machine

We need to keep the engraving machine clean and tidy, and develop a good habit of stopping and cleaning every time the engraving is completed, which is a good protection for the machine itself.
In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check the wear of the foam cutting cnc machine tool, and timely propose the corresponding solution (replacement or repair). If the cutter of the engraving machine is worn and not replaced, the size of the engraved workpiece will be blurred. The tool of the engraving machine should be replaced in time, and the new tool should be replaced in time to prevent the engraving caused by the use of the tool.
How to maintain the foam engraving machine on a daily basis is very important because the equipment is maintained by all the parts inside. Any problem with any part may affect the function and use of the entire device. Therefore, we have to do some daily checks as prescribed. What is inspection? Next, let us introduce them to you in a small series.

Daily inspection:
The main items include the hydraulic system, spindle lubrication system, guide rail lubrication system, cooling system and air pressure system of the foam engraving machine. Daily checks are based on the normal condition of the system. For example, when the spindle lubrication system is in process inspection, the power light is on, and the oil pump should run normally. If the power light is not on, stop the spindle and contact the mechanic for maintenance.

Weekly check:
The main items include the lubrication system of the machine parts and the spindle, which should be properly checked every week, especially the iron and external debris cleaning of the machine parts.

Monthly check:
Mainly check the foam engraving machine power supply and air dryer. Under normal circumstances, the rated voltage of the power supply is 180v~220v, and the frequency is 50hz. If there is any abnormality, it should be measured and adjusted. Air dryers should be disassembled monthly, then used, cleaned and assembled.

Quarterly Checks:
It mainly starts from three aspects: machine tool bed, hydraulic system and spindle lubrication system. For example, when checking the bed, it is mainly to see the accuracy of the machine tool and whether it meets the requirements in the manual. If there are any problems, you should contact the mechanic immediately. When checking the hydraulic system and spindle lubrication system, if there is any problem, replace the new oil and clean it.

Semi-annual inspection:
After half a year, check the hydraulic system of the machine tool, the spindle lubrication system and the X-axis. If there is a problem, replace with new oil and clean it.

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