Flying Fiber Laser Marker

High Speed CO2 Online Flying Laser Marking Machine

What is the CO2 Online Flying Laser Marking Machine?

CO2 Online Flying Laser Marking Machine,with automated intelligent processing, high performance, highly efficient and stable marking. CO2 Laser Marking Machine uses advanced closed continuous carbon dioxide laser,working life is more than 20,000 hours.It applys to laser cutting, engraving and marking. The difference between flight marking machine and laser marking machine which is only to stationary objects marking is: Products flow constantly on production line in the process of coding engraved,thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of production to make laser marking machine meet the requirements of industrial production.

CO2 Online Flying Laser Marking MachineCO2 Online Flying Laser Marking Machine


The flying online CO2 laser marking machine can mark on most nonmetal material, usually working with the working line. The flexible CO2 laser marking machine is widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments clocks and watches, glasses, jewellery accessories, auto parts, building


  • This online fiber laser marking machine has powerful laser source from 10W to 50W
  • The flying laser marking available with a variety of focal lenses from 70mm to 300mm
  • The flying marking machine with air cooling system, no need of maintenance
  • Online laser marking device has small material consumption, no thermal deformation
  • This type marking machine ideal for marking all metals painted/anodized materials & most plastics
  • This online  laser comprehensive 2-year warranty


CO2 Laser offers the most cost-effective solution in laser marking and engraving technology. These compact units commonly replace other marking technologies such as ink jet, dot peen and labeling due to the CO2 laser’s ability to achieve high-speed marking while maintaining mark quality. These lasers provide non-contrast marking in plastics as well as ink removal for date coding.

Our online marking machines are perfect flying laser marking that can be used in packing, mobile and food production line and more industries.

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