Stone CNC machine

How can the stone engraving machine be used reasonably?

With the popularization of the application of stone engraving machine in Jinan engraving machine, people have higher and higher requirements for its performance and running speed, so how should we make reasonable use of stone engraving machine to work for us?

Stone CNC machineFeatures of stone engraving machine

Before using the stone engraving machine, we need to carry out perfect theoretical and practical training. After passing the theoretical assessment, we can conduct practical training. In this way, the phenomenon of operation errors will be reduced as much as possible during the stone carving process. Training in engraving tools is also required during hands-on training.

Conduct knowledge training on various kinds of stone, including the application range, thickness, hardness, carving size, etc. of stone. Familiar with the carving methods of different stones.

It is software operation training. There will be differences in the software used by different stone engraving machines. After passing the theoretical and practical training, software training should be carried out, including typesetting, operation, path generation, etc., to avoid wrong operations.

When choosing a machine, whether to choose a screw machine or a rack machine, as the name suggests, the XY axis of the rack engraving machine uses a rack drive, and the XY axis of the screw engraving machine uses a lead screw drive.

Stone CNC machine

The differences between the two are as follows:

The rack machine has fast speed, stable processing and lower precision than that of the screw engraving machine.

The speed of the screw machine is slow, and the processing is not as smooth as that of the rack engraving machine, but the precision is higher than that of the rack engraving machine.

Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine

How to solve the problem of broken knife of stone engraving machine?

Jinan engraving machine manufacturer: When the stone engraving machine is in use, the problem of broken knife will occur from time to time. At this time, we must solve the cause of the broken knife, so as to stop the loss in time and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. So let’s learn more about it.

How can the stone engraving machine be used reasonably?

  1. Consider whether the raw materials have residues or whether the strength is too large. Long-term manual engraving of high-toughness raw materials, damage and broken edges of CNC blades are unavoidable. Like hand-carved mahogany, if the speed is adjusted too much, the knife will definitely break.
  2. The stone engraving machine does not replace the CNC blade during long-term work, which causes the CNC blade itself to be greatly affected in terms of strength, compressive strength, and sharpness. You can often check whether the CNC blade is damaged. If the degree of damage is found If it is larger, then we need to replace it in time.
  3. Whether the CNC lathe of the stone engraving machine is suitable for the production and processing of such raw materials, and whether the CNC lathe of the stone engraving machine is placed on a level surface, if it is not placed accurately, it will also cause the tool to break.
  4. Whether the speed ratio of the servo motor is too low, the speed ratio of the servo motor is too low, and the amount of cutting tools per tooth per revolution will increase, so that the cutting speed will increase, which will cause the knife to break. If this happens mediation should be carried out in a timely manner.
  5. Whether there is dust on the top of the CNC blade and the chuck, the dust in the collet must be cleaned and tidy, otherwise those CNC blades are all very easy to break, and the knife width is too large. Check that the collet and nut are intact. These are all things we need to take into account.

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