What can the CNC wood router machine do for us?

With the rise of the furniture industry, the demand for woodworking furniture has increased, which has also led to an increase in the demand for woodworking factories. However, when many people buy a CNC wood router machine, they don’t know much about this machine, they often feel confused, and don’t know how to start using it.

So what can CNC wood router machine do for us?

Obviously, this can make money for you and bring your woodworking craft to a new level, but it really depends on the type of CNC system. CNC machine automate the turning process. You only need to draw the turning shape, and then let the CNC machine do all the work.

The most common CNC wood router machine usually have three axes. The X axis is along the machine, the Y axis is perpendicular to the X axis, and the Z axis is usually up and down. 3 axis CNC wood machine will allow you to cut parts and add details.

Many people still think it is necessary to learn programming languages such as G code to control CNC wood router machine. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. The current software only requires you to enter the image, and then the program will automatically generate the code, no need to write.

CAM allows you to create programs to rotate the spindle, including turns, grooves, cones, faceted parts, chord or barley turning details, and even unstretched parts. You only need to answer a few questions and Conversation CAM will create the code for you. There is an amazing library or sculptures on the website, you can buy and download sculptures or sculptures to add to your project without the need to model and create your own sculptures. Of course, there is nothing wrong with understanding some G codes, which are simple codes. You only need to learn some commands or codes to create your own programs or modify existing programs.

Before buying a CNC wood router machine, do I need to buy all standard woodworking tools and machines?

Most traditional carpenters will agree, but please keep this in mind. If you want to raise the standard of woodworking and make it better than most amateurs, the answer is no. On average, each hobbyist spends $6,000 to $8,000 on tools and machines to provide a full set of equipment for his shop. CNC wood router machine allows you to turn parts you never thought of into various precision woodworking products, and cut, shape, engrave and engrave almost any part at the same price as a well-stocked store.

For the 5 axis machine, many people think it has a mysterious veil. In fact, its structure is not very complicated. Compared with a 3 axis CNC router machine, it may be different in the following aspects.

1) Axis configuration: The 3 axis CNC router is a three-axis table and a plane table, used to form, shape and engrave plane parts. Some CNC manufacturers allow you to add a bolt holder in the center between the fourth axis. The 5 axis CNC machine is based on turning and has a dedicated adjustable fifth axis and adjustable base.

Without this feature, you will not be able to grind tapered parts, including kinks in strings and barley, and many other drilling contour operations. Although tapered string engraving is possible, it takes hours instead of minutes and requires a lot of sanding to complete the part. We once again created a precedent for ornamental milling technology, which no one else has.

2) Double bed design: Most CNC wood router machine have flat plates (beds), and 5 axis CNC machines have a set of fixed handrails for installing worktables when processing flat plates or anvils. And a rotatable adjustable bed.

3) Open frame structure: The unique open frame structure allows you to quickly and easily connect accessories, such as a flat workbench for processing plates, products or clips, and place parts horizontally or vertically on the machine. This function is used to process dovetail or tenon and tenon machines at the end of the workpiece.

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