Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine

How much is a stone engraving machine

Main accessories of stone engraving machine:

Engraving machine guide rail: divided into linear guide and compass. At present, linear guide is most suitable for stone engraving machine. Linear guide is also divided into models and brands, which cannot be ignored.

Engraving machine spindle: The spindle is mainly divided into a constant power spindle and a constant torque spindle. Many manufacturers define these two types of spindles differently. In general, it is best to follow the spindle model recommended by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own set of assembly processes. Of course, if they’re ignorant and irresponsible, it’s hard to say they’re just trying to save money.

Inverters and drives for engraving machines: Some regular brands of these accessories are fine, only one model size difference.

Engraving machine body structure: At present, our company adopts the Italian model structure, which greatly improves the stability of the machine.

Additional functions of engraving machine: rotating shaft, bed weight, assembly process (different sizes vary by factory)

CNC Stone Carving MachineStone double head engraving machine

The stone engraving machine market continues to expand. At present, stone engraving machines occupy 30% of the entire engraving machine market, and many engraving machine manufacturers are also on the brand of stone engraving machines. So far, there are more than 100 brands of stone engraving machines on the market. In order to help customers buy the right machine, this article is for reference.

Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine

Definition of stone engraving machine

The engraving machine is mainly used for stone engraving processing. The engraving machine is a computer numerical control engraving machine tool, which is an automatic engraving machine tool equipped with a control system. At present, engraving machines are mainly divided into two categories: laser engraving machines and mechanical engraving machines, and mechanical engraving machines are divided into several categories. Compared with the laser engraving machine, the mechanical engraving machine can control the engraving depth of the engraving, and is better at relief processing. Domestic mechanical engraving machines are relatively mature in the woodworking industry; they are still in the development and market development stage of the stone industry.

The main purpose of stone engraving machine:

Stone relief (processing a three-dimensional effect on one surface) is a combination of yang carving and yin carving, stone lettering (mainly used for tombstones, stone tablets, cemeteries, etc.), stone line carving, stone special-shaped hollow relief, stone cutting (relatively less Good at it, depending on the situation)

Applicable materials for stone engraving machine:

Marble series, granite series, jade series, bluestone series, sandstone series. Ordinary ordinary granite is currently profitable within 2CM, and it is difficult to achieve more than 2CM. The fastest machines such as marble and jade can hit 4cm with one knife and the speed is 15M. At present, it is no problem for our company to carve marble with an 8cm knife at a time.

Stone engraving machine is a CNC machine tool integrating edging, polishing, cutting and drilling. It aims to solve the time-consuming, labor-intensive and high-cost problems of high-end technology in the production process of countertops. Currently widely used in kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops. , Bar, special-shaped countertop processing.

Powerful functions: Roman edge, back curved water retaining, countertop and lower basin, special-shaped cutting, grinding, polishing

Intelligent environmental protection: automatic environmental protection treatment throughout the process; construction of dust-free workshops to reject pneumoconiosis

Simple and easy to learn: ordinary workers can get started in one working day, more worry-free

Intelligent control system: Ordinary workers can operate in a short time (one to two days), without worrying too much about the adverse effects of personnel loss, and without high-end talents for programming and machine operation.

Automatic tool change system: The automatic tool change system with larger storage capacity enables the entire machining process from drilling, cutting, milling, forming, polishing, etc. to be completed at one time, fully realizing a high degree of automation.

Positioning adsorption system: The double-sided sealing suction cup system combined with high-power adsorption pump + auxiliary positioning device can effectively increase the adsorption capacity of the suction cup and ensure that the stone does not shift during processing.

Automatic oil filling system: automatic oil filling at regular intervals, saving time and effort for machine maintenance.

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