Dual-use Metal Sheet Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Winter Maintenance Tips For Metal Cutting Laser Machines

With the advent of winter, the working environment of metal cutting laser machines has become very harsh. Once used improperly, it will lightly affect the normal operation of the equipment, and then affect the customer’s production schedule. In severe cases, it will cause major damage to related core components of laser cutting machines such as water-cooled machines and lasers. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following items in daily use:


Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine

Metal Cutting Laser Machines Winter Problems

As the temperatures suddenly drop during the winter season, operating and storing your laser cutting machine in below 0°C will undoubtedly cause problems. The laser tube is water-cooled, so when this is used and situated in below freezing temperatures, the internal pipeline can crack, deform and overflow. This, in turn, will cause further damage to other core components.

Winter Maintenance Solutions
Antifreeze Measures
By adding antifreeze to water pipeline in your fiber laser cutting machine , this will prevent it from freezing in the cold weather. However, due to corrosive qualities, always make sure you dilute it before adding it to the mechanism; if you add too much, it will affect the quality of light and the energy of the laser.

Removing Water After Use
After every use in the winter, you should empty the cooling water and clean the pipe; use an air pump or compressor to efficiently remove the water. Also, if necessary, remove the water chiller or pump and place it in a warmer environment to prevent the circulation equipment from freezing.

Change Location
In order for your laser cutting and engraving machine functions properly, not only in winter but all year round, make sure it is stored in the correct environment. Room temperature should be between 15°C and 25°C with humidity between 40% and 70% and not in direct sunlight.

These requirements are more necessary in winter because when the temperatures drop in the evening, this can cause condensation in the laser tube and the hardening of greases and oils.

The oriental path system of the wood laser engraving machines is completed by focusing and reflecting together. In the optical path, there is no deviation problem of the focusing mirror, but the three mirrors are fixed by mechanical parts, and the phenomenon of laser engraving device deviation may occur after a long time. Although there is usually no offset, it is recommended that the user check to see if there is light before each work path is normal.


Dual-use Metal Sheet Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine


In China, we have entered the winter. If the temperature in your country is also decreasing, you nee d to pay attention to these matters when using the Laser Cutting Machine. I hope this will help you.

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