Laser Cutting Machine

How To Choose A Laser Cutter For Beginners?

If you are a beginner and want to buy a laser machine to start your business and make money, then in addition to the above several ideas, you can also ask yourself a few questions before buying.

Laser Cutting Machine

How often do I use it?

If you only plan to use a laser engraving machine occasionally, then buying a laser engraving machine may not be the best choice. Simply relying on professional laser engraving services to manage your project may be more cost-effective for you. With professional services, you can let the company manage your project for you, and you can be confident that it will be completed correctly. However, if you plan to use your engraving machine frequently, you must decide which one is best for the type of project you will be working on.

Laser Cutting Machine

Is it difficult to learn and use laser engraving machines?

If you are worried about learning how to use a laser engraving machine, that shouldn’t stop you from buying a laser engraving machine. You can use many different types of design software with the laser engraving machine, so you may not need to learn how to use the new design software to use the laser engraving machine. Once the system and laser engraving machine are set up, it is easy to understand how to use them.

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What material do I want to engrave?

Laser engraving machines are very useful because they can engrave a variety of materials. Before choosing the laser engraving machine to buy, you should consider the different projects you will be working on and the materials to be engraved. The following are many different materials that can be engraved with a laser engraving machine.


Metal-Laser engraving on metal can be used for key chains, jewelry, gifts, designer brands, and many other applications. The engraving is precise and can be very precise. You can use HTL QT desktop laser engraving machine and CO2 laser engraving machine to engrave many different types of metals.

Laser Cutting Machine

Plastic and rubber-The advantage of using a laser engraving machine instead of a traditional engraving machine is that you can engrave plastic very accurately without worrying about melting the plastic. The CO2 laser engraving machine is the best choice for anyone planning to engrave on plastic or rubber.


Glass or crystal-Because glass and crystal are very brittle, traditional engraving machines cannot engrave them. Using a laser engraving machine, you can get permanent and precise engraving, which is very suitable for prizes, trophies, and even wine glasses. CO2 laser engraving machine is the best choice for engraving on glass.


Paper-Cutting paper with a laser engraving machine is an excellent use for a laser engraving machine. It can be used to create invitations, artwork, and other creative uses. The laser engraving machine can be customized cutting and design.

Laser Cutting Machine

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Are there materials that should not be engraved?

Before you start sculpting, you absolutely need to understand this. You want to make sure that you don’t use the laser engraving machine on anything that might damage the object you want to engrave. In addition, certain things may react with the laser, and they may be harmful to you. For example, when using a CO2 laser to cut PVC, it will produce hydrochloric acid and toxic fumes, which is dangerous to you, and more importantly, it will corrode the laser engraving machine itself. It is important to discuss this with the company where you purchased the laser engraving machine to ensure that you only engrave what is safe and best for you and the laser engraving machine.


Where should I put my laser engraving machine?

Before buying a laser engraving machine, it is best to consider where to place it. You need to ensure that your workshop or office has enough space for your laser engraving machine, and you also need to ensure that it is well ventilated. It is best to keep your laser engraving machine about one foot away from any walls or obstacles. This ensures that air can circulate through the engraving machine’s fan and keep the engraving machine cool throughout the engraving process. You also need to be able to plug it into a socket that can provide the power required by the laser engraver.


Before deciding which laser engraving machine to buy, be sure to solve the above problems first, and also discuss any further issues with the company where you purchased the laser engraving machine. Discuss with the company what you plan to do with the engraving machine. They should be able to recommend and help you choose the engraving machine that best suits your needs. This will ensure that you fully understand the situation before you start using the laser engraver.


To sum up

Whether you are a hobbyist or a business owner, laser cutting allows you to create the design of your dreams, quickly improve your work, and realize the idea of making money with the laser machine. If you need high-quality laser cutting and engraving machines, please contact us.

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