How to choose a stone engraving machine?


Tombstones and stone engraving industries have special features. Therefore, more and more young people are unwilling to use hand-carved stones, which also promotes the progress of stone engraving. Many stone carvings selection stone engraving machine to replace manual engraving.

So, what should you pay attention to when buying a stone cutting machine?

  1. Spindle strength of stone engraving machine

stone engraving machine

Due to the high hardness of the stone, the stone cutting machine needs to be equipped with a spindle motor, more powerful than advertising engraving machines or wood engraving machines. Most factories are equipped with special electric spindles for stone carvings, so they can be used for high intensity.

  1. State and carrying capacity of stone machine base

stone engraving machine

Because stone CNC cutting is heavy, stone engraving machines must have good carrying capacity. The overall square steel quenching strapping design and the ceiling have a hard PVC, which improves the stability of the stone engraving machine during operation. Therefore, there is a lower engraving rate and high engraving efficiency.

  1. Model and maintenance of the track slider

stone engraving machine

Due to the weight of the gantry, the Z-axis suspension plate and the spindle, the total weight of the stone engraver is heavier than the wood engraving machine and advertising engraver. In order to keep the engraving stability and speed, square tracks and slides need to be equipped with model 25. In addition, automatic and manual filling systems have also been added to prevent rails and sliders.

  1. Machine cooling method and dust system

The amount of high temperature and lime will be generated during the engraving hard stone. In order to improve the durability and life of the machine, the stone CNC cutting machine should also have good cooling and dust proof function.

  1. Please confirm the configuration before purchasing

Regardless of the engraving machine purchased by the cutting machine, the user should confirm the configuration. It is best to make the factory print configuration list so that the configuration of the configuration before the purchase is different from the configuration.

  1. Don’t be greedy stone engraving machine low price

When choosing a machine, the quality is more important than the price. Holy priced machines are usually not necessarily reliable.

Our company

IGOLDENCNC offers a variety of different types of stone CNC cutting machine, stone engraving machine can be drilled, cut, marginally grinded, molded, and produced polishing of stone sinks. CNC control system for stone countertop processing. The whole machine uses a high standard manufacturing process, and the machine is perfect in terms of equipment design, dust-free treatment, configuration selection, tool development, etc.

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