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Rotary Spindle 4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine for Sale

Introduction of Rotary Spindle 4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine

Rotary Spindle 4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine is designed for popular custom 2D/3D woodworking projects with router bits compared with laser wood engraving machine with laser beam.

4 axis CNC wood engraving machine, the spindle can swing 180 degree, 8 linear tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing technologies, full-scale engraving without dead angles, and can complete curved surface processing, mainly used in wood mold industry, craft industry and gift industry.

Rotary Spindle 4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine

What is the 4th axis on a CNC router?

Index 4-axis CNC machining is when the 4th axis (A-axis) rotates whilst the machine is not cutting material. Once the correct rotation is selected, a brake is applied and the machine resumes cutting. In continuous 4-axis machining, the machine can cut material at the same time as the A-axis rotation, simultaneously.


  1. The rotary device with large diameter is fixed into working table with standard 200mm Z axis height to keep stable in high speed worrking.
  2. High precision leadshine stepper motor and driver driving to keep high speed.
  3. We use Fuling brand inverter to control the CNC router spindle to start, stop, and adjust the speed of the spindle.
  4. We adopt the world famous rail and guide manufacturer Taiwan Hiwin square rails, self-lubricating sliding block. This ensures equal force in all directions and accuracy and strength of the machine.


  1. Wood, bamboo products, acrylic plate, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic tile, marble, jade, crystal, shell and other non-metallic materials and a variety of metal materials.
  2. It specifically for cylindrical, conical body parts such as rotary engraving on patterns, characters, relief. Materials related to aluminum sculpture, steel, plastic, timber.
  3. 3D wave board processing, furniture like solid wood door, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, tables, beds, computer desk and cylinders like table legs, sofa legs, wooden craft, paint door, screen, craft fan window processing, shoe polisher, game cabinets and panel, mahjong table, auxiliary processing.
  4. Advertising industry: advertising sign, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a variety of materials advertising the production of decorative product.
  5. 4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine4 Axis Woodworking CNC Router with Rotary Axis

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