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How to choose the spindle for woodworking engraving machine

How to choose the spindle for woodworking engraving machine, one of the most important components of the engraving machine is the spindle. The quality of the spindle directly affects the processing speed and accuracy of the engraving machine, so how to choose the spindle for the woodworking engraving machine? Let’s listen to some suggestions given by IGOLDEN CNC.

  1. CNC Wood Carving MachineIf the processing efficiency of the wood router cnc is pursued, the processing speed should be fast, and the amount of cutting tools should be large at the same time. For example, when processing solid wood materials, a spindle motor with a power of more than 3KW is required.
  2. Whether the spindle motor of the woodworking engraving machine adopts high-precision bearings, if it does not use high-precision bearings, the performance is that the spindle motor overheats after a long time of high-speed rotation, which affects the service life of the spindle motor.
  3. Listen to whether the sound of the main shaft of the woodworking engraving machine rotating at different speeds is uniform and no noise, especially whether the sound of high-speed rotation is uniform and harmonious.
  4. Check whether the radial direction of the main shaft of the woodworking engraving machine is stressed. Mainly whether it can cut hard materials at high speed. Some spindles can only cut hard materials at very low speeds, and when cutting hard materials at high speeds, the spindle will lose a lot of spin.3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

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