Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving Machine

4 Spindles Woodworking Machine

Multi spindles CNC router machine is specially designed for customers who need mass production. It is equipped with two heads, each head is equipped with two spindles, which run synchronously, and can perform cutting, hollowing, and carving. It is mainly used in the furniture industry, decoration industry, musical instrument industry, mould industry, the craft industry, building model industry, advertising industry, etc.

Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving Machine

Description of the Multi spindles CNC router

Compared with other multi spindle CNC router, this machine has more spindles, 8 spindles work in the same time, greatly improving the processing efficiency. In this case, the machine has some similarities with ATC CNC router Machine.

Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving Machine

Features of the 4 spindles CNC router

  1. Multi spindles can work at the same time, and the machine can improve the engraving efficiency.
  2. Adopting water cooling spindle, it has the features of low noise and better cooling effect.
  3. Designed with rotary device, the machine can be used to process cylinder objects such as table legs, stair handrails, sculptures, 3D relief and so on.
  4. The account of spindle and working area can be customized according your requirements.

2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood Routers

CNC Wood Routers For Sale

As one of the best CNC wood routers for sale, this machine has many advantages.The main advantage of this 3d wood carving machine is the machine with 2 heads 2 spindles.And the double heads have independent motors, so it can work indepemently. The double heads can do the same work at the same time or do the opposite work.This machine is very suitable for making doors,It is enough powerful to make 2 pcs of doors at the same time.

This is a CNC 3d wood carving machine with 2 heads and 2 spindles,the double heads has separate motors,and the double heads can do the same work at the same time or do the opposite work. Therefore, this wood CNC door machine has a higher work efficiency.Now the CNC wood routers for sale at a affordable price.

And the CNC door machine features all steel construction, and also equipped with many famous CNC machine parts. We also prepared a manual for you, so that you can experience this high-efficiency, high-performance CNC 3d wood carving machine faster. If you want to own it, then Please contact us quickly.

2 Heads 2 Spindles CNC Wood Routers For Sale

The most notable feature of the multi spindle CNC 3d carving machine is the machine has double heads and double spindles. You can control these two heads to do the same job, or you can control it to do different jobs. And the most importantly, Their motors also work independently, so the work efficiency and performance of this digital wood router is very high.

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