How To Improve The Efficiency Of CNC Cutting Machine?

With the continuous development of science and technology, CNC machine tools are gradually increasing. How to make good use of CNC machine tools and how to improve the efficiency of CNC machine tools is very important in production.

  1. Set up a dedicated person for management

At present, many companies have a large number of CNC equipment, ranging from a dozen to a few hundred, and the efficiency of the use of these machine tools depends on the CNC machine operator. In most cases, one operator operates multiple CNC machine tools. If a problem occurs during the machining of the machine tool, it is handled by a more skilled operator. The problem is solved quickly, and the impact on production is small, but sometimes it is caused by the operation. Workers handle it by themselves. At this time, other machine tools operated by the operator may stop working, and the abilities of the operators are uneven, and the speed of problem solving is different. This will have a relatively large impact on production, and even generate a lot of waste. Therefore, each shift is equipped with 1-2 programmers, who mainly deal with the problems in the machining of the machine tool, and do some auxiliary work, such as debugging the machine tool that replaces the machining parts. In this way, the operator can only operate the machine tool to improve the machine tool. The efficiency of use can reduce the waste in the process of parts processing.

Second, the synchronization principle

That is, the general direction of the parts of the product is based on the product, and the small direction is based on the number of packages per unit price of the product. Control the components to reach the packaging process at the same time or with the smallest possible time difference, so as to avoid the phenomenon of parts during packaging. The content is actually that the working hours of each part of the product should be clear, accurate, and operability in the working hours project in the process flow table, considering comprehensive factors.

Three, reasonable selection of tools

When using a CNC cutting machine for processing, do not use a large feed rate for processing, because long-term processing will cause rapid damage to the tool, and the speed of sheet metal processing at a large feed rate will be very slow. If the speed is increased forcibly, it is likely to cause tool breakage, so we must carefully check the thickness of our production material before processing. Selecting the correct tool also increases the use time of the machine tool. Choosing the corresponding tool will also increase the processing speed. It can not only greatly save the cost of using the tool, but also increase the processing efficiency of the cutting machine.

Fourth, the principle of gradual progress

A good process design is actually just the beginning of the next better and better process design. Process design itself is a process of continuous exploration and improvement in practice. Production managers must develop the habit of data management and data manipulation to continue. To progress.

Five, quality principle

Any process should not be at the expense of product quality when improving its efficacy, because product quality is the life of the product, and mass production can only be achieved under the premise of quality assurance.

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