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Row type tool change machining center_Disc type tool change machining center

With the rapid development of panel furniture, whole building customization, wood products and other industries, the corresponding woodworking CNC processing equipment is also constantly being upgraded in type and function. At present, there are two common woodworking processing centers on the market, namely disc type tool changer and cutting machine and straight row tool changer processing center. Many friends who are investigating the equipment don’t know much about these two machines. Today, Jiabang CNC will analyze the differences between these two machines for you

furniture CNC cutting machineFeatures of Disc Tool Changer Machining Center

The tool of the disc tool change machining center has an independent servo tool magazine, which can hold 8-20 different tools and can be used as a cabinet door panel. This machine is fast. After the plate is fixed, the machine automatically cuts according to the input plate size, without repeated manual operations, which improves the processing efficiency. It can also be equipped with automatic typesetting software. As long as the plate size is input, the software optimizes the typesetting, and the plate usage efficiency can reach more than 90%, which improves the plate usage efficiency and reduces the cost of raw materials.

In-line tool change machining center, as its name implies, is a fixed row of tool magazines. The in-line tool magazine can be placed under the frame or behind the bed. Placing it under the gantry makes sense as it saves time due to the fast tool change and less wear on the rails. There is no need to change the tool at the rear every time, it can realize automatic tool change, improve efficiency and save manpower

CNC Router Nesting Machine

The difference between disc automatic tool changer and straight row tool changer machining center


The disc automatic tool changer mostly adopts the system and drive motor imported from Taiwan, and the price is high. The in-line tool changer adopts domestic system and motor, which is economical and practical. Straight tool changer can hold 12 tools. The door panel of the processing cabinet is enough to use, it is a very economical machine

Performance difference

Due to its low configuration requirements, the in-line tool change machining center is prone to failure, and there will be some defects during the machining process, such as wavy lines on the door panel. Under normal circumstances, the in-line tool change machining center can be equipped with 12 tools. Therefore, if more than 12 tools are required for processing, it is recommended to use a disc automatic tool changer

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

System differences

The control system model adopted by the disc automatic tool change machining center is higher than that of the straight row tool change machining center. Because it is a servo tool magazine, the tool change speed is accurate and very fast, because the disc automatic tool change has one more servo tool magazine than the straight tool change, and the corresponding price is higher

Jiabang CNC recommends that you can choose your own machine according to the actual situation. The purpose of purchasing equipment is to improve product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, many aspects need to be considered when inspecting equipment, including the strength of the manufacturer, equipment configuration, technology, after-sales service, etc.

Recommended Equipment: Disc Tool Changer Machining Center

The automatic tool change machining center is equipped with a drill package, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, a 9-hole drill package, and operates independently.

Product manual

※The integration of CNC cutting, milling, engraving, hollowing and other processes can not only realize the production and processing of customized cabinets and wardrobes, but also realize the modeling and processing of high-end plastic door panels to solve various complex process needs.

※The design of the machine control interface is user-friendly, the machine moves quickly, and the efficiency is high, helping you improve your productivity.

※Adopt 9KW automatic tool changing spindle, Taiwan Baoyuan control system, Japan Xinbao planetary reducer, French Schneider electric components and other imported components, with stable performance.

※The hat-shaped servo tool magazine has 12 tools, which can effectively reduce the tool change time.

※The table is a vacuum adsorption table, which can strongly adsorb materials of different areas.

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