CNC Router Machine

Woodworking 3 axis 2 head cnc router

2 heads CNC router machine with multi spindle and rotary table is used for 3D CNC machining of cylinders, stair balusters, stair spindles, statue, buddha, furniture feet, table legs, newel posts, corbel, baseball bats, arts & crafts, and more rotary woodworking projects. Now 2021 top rated multi spindle CNC router machine for sale at affordable price.

1325 CNC Router Machine

Features of CNC Router Machine

  1. 360 degree 3D engraving expands the application of 3D CNC router and satisfies the demands in furniture and gift making industry.
  2. Cylinder material is fixed by chuck thought three holders, force exerted uniformly and effectively and center positioned accurately so that the working accuracy is guaranteed.
  3. Rotary’s diameter and length can be customized.
  4. Bi-directional orienting guides provides high positioning accuracy.
  5. Restoring function enable the machine continue to work after sudden stop, such as accident tool breaking.
  6. 12 rotaries and 12 spindles, which can work at the same time or independently, and everyone’s max effective working area is 150mm (diameter) by 1000mm (length).

Dual Spindle 3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine


This is a multi spindle CNC router manufactured with two heads. Therefore, this wood engraving machine can not only realize the processing of flat workpieces and cylindrical workpieces, but also have higher processing efficiency.

Double Head CNC Router Machine


  1. Adopting Italy HSD air cooling spindle with global service, and we don’t worry about quality issues.
  2. With Taiwan HIWIN Linear Guide for XYZ axis, 10 times life-time than round orbit.
  3. With Germany helical rack & gear transmission for XY axis: higher efficiency.
  4. Equipped with Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis, it has the features of higher precision, more smooth transmission and lower noise.

Applications of Multi Head CNC Router

Stereo 3D technology, furniture stereo feet and the cylinder, human body, buddha, goddess of mercy, sculpture, handicrafts, stair handrail, musical instruments.3D multi spindle CNC routers can handle 3D machining on wood, stone, and soft metals. Huge range of machining enables the multi head CNC machine to satisfy the needs for furniture making, decorations, gifts, arts & crafts manufacturing.

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