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Slate engraving machine, stone carving art originated earlier in the past, and it also reflects the needs of the folks. After the appearance of the stone engraving machine, it can be said that it has improved and improved our living standards in many aspects. The product that used to take half a month of labor to complete, today the cnc router machine can be completed in one hour, and it also greatly reduces labor costs. With the emergence of stone engraving machines, our interior decoration industry is becoming more and more artistic, high-end and large-scale.

Foam Carving MachineDaily Maintenance And Management Of stone carving machine

  1. The continuous operation time of the stone engraving machine is less than 10 hours a day to ensure the cleaning of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. Never run out of water on a water-cooled spindle motor. Change the cooling water regularly to prevent excessive water temperature and excessive circulating water. You can replace the large capacity water tank.
  2. cnc stone engraving machine must be cleaned after each use. Be sure to remove dust from the platform and drivetrain. Periodically (weekly) check the transmission system (X. y, Z three-axis) lubrication.
  3. If the engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be oiled and vented regularly (weekly) to ensure the flexibility of the drive system.
  4. The stone slate engraving machine regularly (according to the usage) cleans the dust in the distribution box, and checks whether the wiring screws are loose to ensure the safe and reliable use of the circuit.
  5. The engraving machine should regularly (depending on the usage) check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose.

The stone engraving machine has the characteristics of strong versatility, favorable price and easy operation. Stone CNC engraving machine main features are as follows:

Types of CNC Marble Machine

Granite CNC machine can be divided into different types in terms of function & structure, some of them are discussed here as follows:

CNC Stone Engraving Machine

Stone engraving machine, also known as stone cnc router, granite engraving machine, is a highly automatic CNC machine tool which takes tool bits for carving & engraving works on different materials, including marble, granite, quartz, bluestone, jade, artificial stone and ceramic, glass, plastic and other hard materials.

The CNC granite engraving machine can carry out various complicated works, such as linear carving, character carving, 2D flat engraving, 3D relieving, shadow carving, cutting, chamfering, drilling, etc.

4 Axis CNC Machining Centre Milling Machine

Features of granite engraving machine:

1) With chinese leadshine easy motor and driver, bigger power.

2) 6.0kw water cooling spindle ,7.5kw Fuling inverter, The most famous brand, have after-sales service all over the world.

3) FL118 Stepper motor and YAKO2811 Big Driver

CNC Stone Machining Center

The quartz stone CNC machining center is a dedicated stone processing equipment integrating shape-molding, edge polishing, engraving, milling and profile cutting. It successfully solves the problem of low working efficiency, high cost and poor performance during the production of of high-end process quartz stone countertops.

The stone CNC machining center is suitable for carving & edge polishing of cabinet stone countertops, tea tray & quartz stone countertops, and drilling, polishing, chamfering & engraving of other heterogeneous stone, ceramics, glass and microcrystalline.

Kitchen cabinet stone machining center Features:

1、Thick steel tube welded body structure, with aging treatment, ensure no deformation, high rigidity, good stability.

2、Famous brand big torque motor, low noise, large power, high efficiency.

3、Adopt imported square linear guide rail, high speed, high precision, long life.

4、Z axis adopts high precision German ball screw drive, ensure accuracy; Y axis adopts high precision gear rack drive, fast speed, big strength.

5、Reasonable dustproof and waterproof design, fully protect the machine transmission parts.

6、Good compatibility, cam be compatible with any advanced CAD/CAM software, including Type3/ ArtCAM/ CAXA/ UG / pro-e/ Mastercam/ JD Paint/ Ucancam, etc..

Stone CNC Bridge Saw

CNC bridge saw is an advanced CNC cutting machine, it takes diamond blade as cutting tool and is controlled by 5-axis linkage system, namely, 3 straight moving axes and 2 rotation axes.

Different processing functions are available including cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc. The CNC bridge saw has much advantages of high automation, easy operation and advanced functions, it greatly improves the working efficiency and processing accuracy.

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