Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

Woodworking Engraving Machine Export to Canada

Our customers are from Canada. He has his own woodworking factory and plans to expand to make wooden doors and other furniture. His friend also makes woodworking furniture, and he bought our multi-head woodworking engraving machine before. So he plans to buy a Woodworking Engraving Machine. After discussion, he learned about the problem of the Woodworking Engraving Machine. The main reason for his hesitation was the loss of accessories. We told him that our company has a warranty period and special after-sales service. He decided to go to our factory to observe on the spot. When we met at the CNC wood router factory and visited the production situation of our factory, he was very satisfied, and finally decided to order two Woodworking Engraving Machine. Soon we signed a contract at the factory, and these Woodworking Engraving Machine were in good condition. Later, he added some machine parts to the machine order. Next month, we invite his engineers to learn how to operate it.

Multi Spindle CNC Router MachineWoodworking Engraving Machine designed and fabricated by IGOLDEN company is the widely used CNC router for wood engraving and cutting works. This Woodworking Engraving Machine is specially engineered for wood door,cabinet,furniture industry,advertising industry.

CNC Router Machine

This Woodworking Engraving Machine all the axis fabricated with linear rail transmission, The main configuration 9.0kw China HQD air cooling spindle and Taiwan LNC controller system.Equipped with TAIWAN TBI linear bearing guide and famous brand high quality spare parts which has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, smooth operation and longer service life.Generally, 12 tool changers are standard. The Woodworking Engraving Machine can be processed, whether it is processing door shapes, engraving patterns, hollow lattices, and cutting grooves. Moreover, the automatic tool change speed is fast, and there is no need to change the tool back and forth. It is greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost.And also ensure the engraving accuracy.The drawing software of Woodworking Engraving Machine is compatible with JDpaint,Artcam, and other CAD/CAM design software with win7 32sit system. This Woodworking Engraving Machine also made with cast steel heavy table to keep the table stable and indirect maintenance of the equipment.

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