Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How To Buy An Effective 1500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine

A significant factor for determining how much laser cutting equipment costs you is the type of laser. The industry either uses a CO2 laser or a fiber one. CO2 lasers are slightly cheaper but they are limited in their operations and have high operational costs. On the other hand, fiber lasers can cut faster, better, and quicker. Even the operational costs are low too. However, the fiber laser cutting machine price is a lot higher than the other option.


1500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine


The 1500 watt laser cutting machine has many advantages, such as high processing accuracy, fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, minimum heat-affected zone, smooth cutting surface, and no burr.

We’ve listed the top factors you should consider while deciding to buy a 1500 watt laser cutting machine:

Type of Function

How will the machine be used?
This is the prime consideration before making your buying decision. You can use this machine mainly for two functions: cutting and engraving. So, decide first! You can use the 1500 watt laser cutting machine for cutting different types of materials. The materials will have different specifications; so, it’s best to decide on how you would like to use the machine before, so that you can make the decision wisely.

Size of the Bed

You should decide on the amount of work you would like to do with your laser cutting machine. The bed size of the laser machine determines the amount of the work you can accomplish with it. The size of the machine bed varies. The bigger the size, the more the work you can get done by your machine. As the bed size is a permanent feature, you cannot change it later. Therefore, your decision must be based on the amount of cutting work that you are planning to undertake. For instance, if you have the plan of handling large projects you obviously should go for a laser machine with the large bed.

Quality of Optics

Performance and quality of the work of the laser machine largely depend on the quality of the optics. Many people are unaware of this fact and think that the power consumption is the important determinant on how effectively the machine works. But it is not the power; it is the quality of optics that matter most. Therefore, while making the purchase decision, you should not worry so much about the amount of power that the laser machine consumes rather you should focus on the quality of the optics of the machine. To ensure the quality of the machine optics, you can see the demonstration on how the machine works on the different materials as well as on various settings.

Consideration on Power Scale

Before buying, determine how much of a power capacity you need. Some lasers machines are light at their penetrative powers while the others utilize the full wattage of power designed. If you want to buy laser cutting machines for artistic purposes, you can choose a lighter laser machine. On the other hand, you may need laser machines with greater power to penetrate certain metals for manufacturing purposes.


Your new 1500 watt laser cutting machine should have an easy-to-use user interface. As a new buyer, it is likely that you do not know how to operate the laser cutting machine. Your machine, therefore, should enclose an easy-to-follow user’s manual which should not only show how to operate the machine but also how to undertake maintenance and minor repairs.


1500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine


How to choose a cutting machine?
In order to choose the right cutting machine for your requirements, you must first of all base your choice on the main characteristics of the material(s) to be cut. To give just a few examples, metal cutting machines, plastic cutting machines, fabric cutting machines and wood cutting machines do not all use the same technology.

You will also need to choose a machine calibrated in relation to the thickness to be cut and with a work table with dimensions adapted to the parts to be cut. Lastly, you must choose the cutting technology based on the precision you will need, the quality of the cut and the desired productivity.

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