Fiber Cutting Machine with Rotate

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machines are widely used in machinery manufacturing, sports equipment, aerospace and other fields. For purchasers, it is necessary to consider the cutting material, material, thickness, etc. in the long-term, and select the appropriate equipment. The higher the power is not necessarily the better, the choice of equipment is not necessarily better than the cutting of plate and tube, we have to choose the right equipment. If the long-term processing is all pipes, it is better to choose pipe cutting at this time to improve efficiency and achieve better processing results.

Fiber Cutting Machine with Rotate

Fiber Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

As shown in the above picture, the right side is the plate cutting, and the left is the pipe cutting. One machine has two functions, which not only meets the requirements of plate cutting, but also meets the needs of pipe cutting. Convenient, efficient, and time-saving.

Advantages of plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine:

  1. One machine with dual functions, which not only meets the needs of plate cutting, but also meets the needs of pipe cutting
  2. Efficient and time-saving
  3. Good cutting quality
  4. Electric chuck saves time and effort and is more accurate
  5. Safety and environmental protection.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Rotary

  1. Flexibility

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine can cut any pattern on the metal pipe, and the laser can cut in any direction and angle, which provides strong and advantageous technical support for more and more personalized processing, and the first cutting does not need to open the mold, reducing the cost of the first mold opening with traditional equipment.

  1. Accuracy

Compared with traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting, the precision of laser cutting metal materials is much higher. At the same time, different materials may undergo slight expansion and contraction during the processing. The laser pipe cutting machine can be flexibly adjusted according to these deformations, which is not achieved by many traditional processes.

The fiber laser tube cutting machine is tailor-made for tube processing customers, filling the gap in China’s tube processing technology. It has many advanced features such as convenient operation, high automation, high-speed and high-precision cutting, and adaptation to the needs of large-scale industrial production. It has become the first choice for the equipment and pipe processing industry. It has been successfully used in fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, residential pipelines, construction machinery, and vehicles. Manufacturing, special automobiles, electrical appliances, and other metal pipe processing industries.

Powerful cutting function, capable of cutting square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes and various special-shaped tubes. It adopts rack and pinion transmission structure, pneumatic clamping chuck, and rotary push tube cutting method, which has high centering accuracy and processing accuracy. The machine tool is annealed to eliminate internal stress and then finished, which can better solve the stress caused by welding and processing, thereby improving the rigidity and stability of the equipment. Better stability and longer service life. Excellent processing system, friendly interface, convenient operation, and real-time feedback of processing status, to ensure the orderly progress of processing.

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