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Daily Use Of CNC Gas And Plasma Cutting Machine Tips

Plasma cutter cnc machine integrates the advantages of high-speed plasma and high-speed plasma Numerical control technology, computer software, hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech.

cnc plasma cutter-02Daily Use Of CNC Gas And Plasma Cutting Machine Tips

1. Reduce unnecessary “arc start (or arc guide)” time; arc start nozzle and electrode consumption are very fast, before starting, the torch should be placed within walking distance of the cutting metal.

2. Cutting should start from the edge; as far as possible, start cutting from the edge, rather than cutting through the hole.Using the edge as the starting point will prolong the life of the consumable parts. The correct method is to aim the nozzle directly at the edge of the workpiece before starting the plasma arc.

3. Using a reasonable cutting distance; according to the requirements of the instruction manual, use a reasonable cutting distance, cutting distance that is the distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece, when perforated, try to use two times the distance of the normal cutting distance or use the maximum height that can be transmitted by the plasma arc.

4. Do not overload the nozzle use; let the nozzle overload (i.e., more than the nozzle’s working current), will make the nozzle quickly damaged. Current strength should be 95% of the working current of the nozzle is appropriate. For example: the current strength of the nozzle of 100A should be set to 95A.

5. The perforation thickness should be within the allowable range of the machine system; cutting machine can not be perforated in excess of the working thickness of the steel plate, the usual perforation thickness of the normal cutting thickness of 1/2.

6. Try to keep the CNC cutting machine torch and consumable parts clean: any dirt on the torch and consumable parts will greatly affect the function of the plasma system. When replacing consumable parts to be placed on a clean flannel, to frequently check the torch connection ribbing, clean the electrode contact surface and nozzle with hydrogen peroxide-type cleaner.

7. The distance from the cutting nozzle to the steel plate as far as possible to maintain a constant, generally in 3-8mm or so, too far is not only too much power consumption, cutting penetration ability force will be reduced, and relatively more consumption of electrodes, so that the electrode life decreases; too close that is more simple, very expensive nozzle, nozzle life will be exponentially reduced, or even with up that is burned off.

CNC gas and plasma cutting machine is a machine that processes metal materials with the help of plasma cutting technology.High stability control system with user panel for cnc plasma cutting machine, suitable for all kinds of plasma cutting machine. The control system is packaged in an all-steel structure cabinet, which can truly prevent electromagnetic radiation, and has excellent anti-interference and anti-static performance

cnc plasma cut signsAdvantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Steel:
Able to cut all conductive materials. Flame cutting, though also suitable for cutting thick metals, is limited to ferrous metals only.
Great quality for thickness up to 50 mm.
Maximum thickness up to 150 mm.
Comparatively cheap for medium thickness cuts.
Best way to cut medium thickness stainless steel and aluminium.
CNC machines are available to provide high precision and repeatability.
Can cut in water, resulting in smaller HAZ. Also reduces noise levels.
Smaller cutting kerf compared to flame cutting.
Quicker cutting speed than oxyfuel.

Disadvantages Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Steel:

Larger HAZ compared to laser cutting.
Quality with thinner sheets and plates not as good as laser cutting.
Tolerances not as precise as laser cutting.
Does not reach thicknesses like flame or waterjet cutting.
Leaves a HAZ which waterjet does not.
Wider kerf than laser cutting.

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