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How to select the stone CNC engraving machine?

Nowadays, the stone CNC engraving machine market is booming. There are many types of stone CNC engraving machines. We are dazzled. Everyone wants to choose engraving machine equipment of good quality and reasonable price. So, how to select the stone CNC engraving machine? The following iGoldenCNC engraving machine manufacturers will explain from the following aspects.

Stone CNC Router Machine for Sale

  1. Processing requirements

If you only focus on light and thin tablet lettering and line carving, and take into account a small amount of bas-relief, combined with the largest size of the board, you can consider choosing a light tombstone stone engraving machine.

For example, if the maximum size of your board is only 90 cm wide, 1.2 meters long, and 2 cm thick, you can locate a 9015 model.

By analogy, conventional models are 9015, 1318, 1325, 1530, etc. These figures refer to the largest processing format. As for the final decision of the feed height, you can communicate with the sales staff.

There is also a 1325 heavy-duty stone engraving machine, which is a commonly used engraving machine in the stone processing industry. The bed is a T-shaped steel structure, and the transmission power is transmitted by a rack. Here, the rack can be divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. Those of dry machining know that the stability of helical teeth is far greater than that of straight teeth. The rails are imported rails. Because the stone is relatively hard, the resistance encountered by the machine spindle during the engraving process is relatively large, so the square rail is more stable. The characteristics of the heavy-duty engraving machine are that the engraving speed is high and the engraving accuracy is high and stable.

Stone CNC router machine

  1. Economic budget

You get what you pay for, and each product has its own market quotation. This article will not explain too much on the price. One of the core points is that after giving feedback to the sales staff, they will recommend the applicable models and quotations, and choose within the range they can afford.

  1. After-sales service capability

It’s because the machine always has problems, and it doesn’t work if you have a machine. For users, it may mean spending a lot of money to buy a pile of scrap iron. Therefore, in the communication process, we must understand the supplier’s after-sales capabilities. You can ask the sales staff for some processing videos, engraving cases, or field visits around them, and listen to word of mouth. All these can reflect a manufacturer’s service capabilities to a certain extent.


  1. The main issues that need to be paid attention to when communicating are as follows:

(1) The length, width, and thickness of the largest processed stone are used to determine the model model;

(2) The type of stone and the depth of relief. The same 3 cm deep relief is processed on blue sandstone and granite, and the spindle motor used is definitely different, which determines the processing efficiency, cost, etc.;

(3) The choice of single head or multiple heads. There are many products in batches such as engraving couplets and dragon pillars. You can consider purchasing multi-head models to improve processing efficiency and reduce costs.

(4) It is necessary to engrave characters and embossments, but also engrave dragon posts and lions, etc., then you can consider a flat and three-dimensional multifunctional machine.

(5) The selection of multifunctional models involves the processing diameter and weight of the round stone. These must give clear reference data, so as not to cause inappropriate models or waste of funds.

The above is about how to select the stone CNC engraving machine. The customer must carefully communicate with the manufacturer when choosing the model. Whether it is the price or the model, it is the most important to choose the model that is most suitable for your product.

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