stone engraving machine

Stone engraving machine cnc router Export to India

The stone engraving machine cnc router is an advanced engraving and processing equipment designed and manufactured by IGOLDEN Company for decoration enterprises, handicraft industry, stone industry, inscription industry and ceramic enterprises. This stone engraving cnc router has a complete process. It can not only be used to grind the front overhanging shape of Roman edge and European edge, but also can be used for various basin technologies such as Taichung Basin, Counter Basin, and leach tank, as well as the whole back water retaining round bottom, which is very difficult to be processed manually. At the same time, This stone engraving cnc router can also take into account the special cutting and grinding functions.

stone engraving machineThis stone engraving machine cnc router adopts thick-walled square tube welding, side plate tempering treatment, and the stone engraving cnc router bed has been processed by the five-time milling machining center for aging treatment. The structure is stable, strong and not easily deformed. The gantry movement is adopted, and the materials on the worktable can be processed freely, and the operation is convenient. The Shanghai Weihong control system used in the stone engraving cnc router has an automatic tool change spindle. The spindle is a high-precision mechanical special spindle, which has low noise and long life. Side-mounted automatic tool change system with a tool magazine capacity of 18 tools. The stone engraving cnc router adopts high-power vacuum pump to absorb the table top, the table top is more fixed and accurate. Modular structure design, simple and safe operation mode, to ensure the speed and accuracy of operation.

Stone engraving machine

Our client is from India. He has his own furniture decoration production line. He wants to make stone counter tops, cabinet panels and other furniture. He plans to expand his stone industry. His friend is a woodworking furniture maker. He contacted us through a friend’s introduction. After discussing the functions of the stone engraving cnc router, he plans to visit our factory and learn how to use the stone engraving cnc router. When we met at the CNC wood router factory, our engineer showed him the application scenarios of the stone engraving cnc router. He had questions about the quality of the machine and after-sales service. I explained to him that our stone engraving cnc router has a warranty period and professional after-sales service. He Decided to buy two stone engraving cnc router. At the same time, he also ordered some other accessories for the stone machine. At present, the production of stone engraving cnc router is in good condition. Next month, his engineers will learn how to operate a stone engraving cnc router.

IGOLDEN CNC is the leading ATC CNC Router designer, manufacturer and exporter since 2003.  We have over 400 professional staffs and over 86,000 square meters factory. Our high quality innovative products include ATC CNC routers, CNC engraving machines and CNC carving machines, etc. OEM and ODM are available. Our annual CNC machine output is over 12,000 sets, which had been exported to over 136 countries. If you have any questions or inquiries, please fill in and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible.

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