Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Stone engraving machine manufacturers in China

When using a stone engraving machine, we must pay attention to its operation and use and working environment, because this can ensure that the work is carried out in a more suitable state, and can also avoid the failure of mechanical equipment. The environment of the workshop is still relatively humid, so the engraving machine is easy to rust when it is idle, which is not conducive to the production of mechanical equipment, so we must take some methods in our daily life, and then try our best to avoid it. Stone engraving machine is a high-tech equipment with mechatronics, which has certain requirements for the working environment.

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Features of stone craving machine

  1. Avoid using equipment such as strong power supply and strong magnetic field that seriously affect the signal transmission of the stone engraving machine. Such as: welding machine, launch tower, etc.
  2. Use a three-core power supply to ensure a good grounding effect (grounding wire) of the engraving machine and reduce interference.
  3. The voltage is required to be stable. If industrial electricity can be used, try not to use residential electricity to avoid large fluctuations. Better to use a voltage regulator.
  4. The machine cannot work for a long time in a strong acid and alkali environment. The above points are about the working environment of the stone engraving machine. For these environments, we need to be careful. Because when we use the stone engraving machine in the future, we can work in its environment.
  5. The surface of steel parts, such as ball screws, hardened steel raceways of rolling guides, steel fasteners, etc., should be wiped with a cloth or cotton dipped in butter every few days. For other parts, it should be frequently observed whether there is weak rust. If you wipe with a rag dipped in oil, it will be the focus of rust prevention in the future.
  6. The surface of aluminum parts should also be wiped with a cloth dipped in butter every few days, or sprayed with a layer of varnish. And often observe whether there is corrosion.
  7. It is best to fill the cooling water tank with emulsified oil to prevent rust, and do not use clean water.

CNC Stone Machining Center

Stone CNC Machine Center

The above is that when the stone engraving machine is idle, it must be well protected to avoid rusting and affect the normal operation of the machine and equipment. Then, the operator must carry out maintenance when operating, but also pay attention to the problem of rust.

Then when choosing a stone engraving machine, you can consult the engraving machine manufacturer and learn some knowledge about the engraving machine, which will be very helpful for everyone in the future use. When choosing a stone engraving machine, you can come to Jiabang CNC to learn about it. It has done a good job in this area and has rich production experience. In terms of products, you can rest assured, because it is also a manufacturer that has been doing it for many years. Because the qualifications of the later manufacturers will be guaranteed, and their service industries are relatively complete. The company is also constantly introducing international advanced production technology and production technology, developing and producing high-quality, cost-effective CNC equipment, and continues to create maximum value for customers.

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