Precision Laser Cutting Machine Auto Focus Or Manual Focus, Which Is Better?

Precision laser cutting machine is a manufacturing process that utilizes laser technology to cut flat-sheet metal. Laser equipment is distinct from other metal cutting machines in both design and application. The process is flexible, versatile, and highly efficient, and can be a cost-effective option when considering metal fabrication.

Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machines are taking the world by storm. They are upgrades to manufacturing processes in many ways. The fiber laser cutting machine is a good alternative for intricate designs and details. It is also more efficient for cutting through thin sheet metals.

The machine produces less noise pollution and operates cost-efficiently. There is a lesser need for parts replacement as compared to the CO2 laser.

You may not even need to replace any parts if the technician is well trained in the ways of optimizing machine output.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly machine, our precision laser cutting machine makes the cut. It does not let out any harmful fumes and ensures very less wastage.

With the continuous improvement of production requirements, new auto-focusing laser heads came out, traditional manual-focusing laser heads were gradually eliminated, and new auto-focusing laser heads were widely used.

The punching focus of the manual focus cutting head cannot be adjusted. The punching focus is the same as the cutting focus. When cutting thick plates, the punching energy is insufficient and the punching time is long. The perforation focus of the auto-focus cutting head can be adjusted, the focus can be adjusted to increase the perforation energy during perforation, and the perforation speed can be increased during the perforation of thick plates.

In terms of perforation time, auto focus is more than twice as fast as manual focus, and the cutting effect is basically the same, but auto focus will reduce the over-melting of the sheet due to the short material overheating time. The advantage of auto focus is obvious; it can be significant Improve production efficiency, greatly reduce the perforation time of cutting thick plate materials, and can process workpieces of different materials and different thicknesses. The machine can also quickly adjust the focus to a suitable position.

Therefore, the automatic focusing precision laser cutting machine is ahead of manual focusing in most aspects. With the advancement of technology, the automatic focusing laser cutting machine will be more practical and the processing effect will be more perfect.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Cutting?

The reason why engineers prefer a laser cutting service lies with the long list of upsides it offers. The advantages of laser cutting are flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, cost-effectiveness, great quality, contactless cutting, versatility and automation possibilities.

Laser cutting does not require an exchange of tools for each separate cut. The same setup is suitable for cutting a lot of different shapes within the same material thickness. Also, intricate cuts do not pose any problems.

Accuracy is one of the primary advantages of laser cutting when compared to other thermal cutting methods.

An accuracy of +/-0.1 mm gives an opportunity to achieve high precision without any after-treatment. In most cases, such a high standard means that no added tolerances are required.

+/- 0.05 mm ensures parts that are pretty much replicas of each other.

Trumpf Laser Cutter in ActionTrumpf Laser Cutter in Action
Laser cutting is a lot quicker than traditional mechanical cutting methods. Especially in the case of more complex cuts.

When comparing it to other thermal cutting methods like plasma or flame cutting, laser beats them in speed up to a certain thickness which is around 10 mm. The exact advantage point boils down to the power of the laser cutter, though.

The job needs little manpower as contemporary laser cutting machinery is highly automated. An experienced machine operator still plays a big role in the final quality but the speed of cutting and little need for manual labour result in lower costs compared to other cutting methods.

Many machines even come with feeding systems as well as follow-up conveyors. Of course, such setups make for a higher-priced laser cutting machine.

Another perk is having a small heat affected zone. As the microstructure along the HAZ changes, a smaller HAZ area results in more predictable and reliable parts.

If you’re wondering how accurate precision laser cutting is, here are some of the factors that determine its high accuracy:

  • Coherent photons: A laser cutter’s cutting mechanism is delivered by a consistent stream of photons. Each photon is coherently synchronized, amounting to one steady and intense beam of energy, rather than scattered energy that wouldn’t be precise. This steady beam of light extends straight down from the laser head to the material, slicing precisely through the metal, glass or another product.

  • Low laser cutting tolerances: Because laser beams are controlled by computers, the resulting cut has a very low tolerance — its range of variation from the intended design. Compared to a person performing the cut, the laser is able to work faster and much more accurately than manual cutting and can make identical, rapid cuts each time.

  • Fiber optics precision: New and advanced laser cutters use fiber optics lenses to guide and control the laser positioning from the laser head — this makes the point of precision that much clearer and more direct for the laser beam.

  • Less material damage: Because laser cutting is so accurate, it does less damage to the material surrounding the cut, which is common with other cutting methods. The laser beam also doesn’t make direct contact with your material. Its heat is what cuts the material.

  • High intricacy: Because of the precision, control and low tolerance of laser cutting machines, they’re able to perform highly intricate and detailed work that would take a long time to do with other cutting methods and would yield less accuracy. You can also quickly adjust the computer program as needed to alter your cutting path for highly complex designs.

Laser cutters are highly accurate cutting machines that seamlessly vaporize, burn, melt or blow through the material for a precise, smooth and clean cut each time.

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