Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router for sale

What is the Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router?

Advanced Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router, also known as 5 axis cnc machining center, 5 axis cnc milling machine, is good at space curved surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique drilling, chamfering, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, military scientific research, precision machinery, high-precision medical equipment, normal manufacturing, etc.

As a leader in the industry, Global Thermoforming is dedicated to producing the best quality products, faster. We’re always on the hunt for the perfect combination of optimized production times and precision. Adding the new Diversified Machine Systems 5-Axis CNC router to our line-up expands our capabilities even further.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

Details of the 5 Axis Cnc Router Table Moving 

Model: iGW-5AM-3012

Type: Table moving 5 axis cnc router

Working area: 3000*1200*800mm

Table structure: Double surface cast iron table moving

Transmission: Helical rack on X axis, Taiwan TBI ball screw for Y Z axis

Guide Rail: Three axis #30 Taiwan guide rail

Tool Change: 10 tool changes (optional double magazine)

Spindle: Spanish akemd five axle head and 14.4-17KW spindle

Control System: Taiwan SYNTEC control system

Servo Motor: Japan YASKAWA


1) Mold: wood,wax, wood, gypsum,foams,wax

2) Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plate, office and wood furniture, tables, chair, doors and windows.

3) The wood products: voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines table,instruments.

4) Plate processing: insulation part, plastic chemical components, PCB, inner body of car, bowling

tracks, stairs, anti bate board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixed compounds.

5) Decorate industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, plastic and soft metals such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling process.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC RouterWork table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

What is a CNC Router?

Before we dive into the specs on our latest machine, let’s cover the basics of CNC routers – all the better for appreciating the new kid on the factory floor. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is the process that has grown along with the thermoforming industry, always adding new capabilities. Automation and precision are the key benefits of CNC router tables.

Our digitally controlled routers give us incredible precision and speed as we produce thermoformed parts, components, and products. The addition of another 5-axis model takes our output to even higher levels. We’re already masters at close tolerance forming and trimming – now we’re faster and more precise than ever.

We supply components to industries in every area you can imagine. Global Thermoforming continually exceeds expectations for companies in the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, consumer products, packaging, medical, and lawn & garden industries – to name just a few. With the addition of this 5-Axis Moving Table CNC Machine, we’re ready to take on even more projects in new and growing industries.

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