Four Process Nested CNC Router

Which brand of woodworking cutting machine is good?

With the development of the furniture industry, traditional table saws and woodworking engraving machines have been unable to meet the requirements of plate cutting, especially the cutting and punching of some special-shaped plates. In this context, CNC cutting machine came into being. It is also welcomed by the majority of panel furniture manufacturers because of its fast, precise and efficient cutting. After several years of development, there are more and more brands and more and more choices. Which woodworking cutting machine brand is good? Many people are confused by the information of various woodworking cutting machine manufacturers.

4 Process CNC Nesting MachineFeatures of woodworking cutting machine:

Intelligent control: The industrial intelligent all-in-one machine control system is adopted, which has the functions of breakpoint, power failure, continuous engraving, and automatic error correction function of returning to the origin, which effectively guarantees the processing accuracy of all-weather work, supports U disk operation, and does not require a computer. Virus interference is reliable and efficient. At the same time, it is easy to learn, and customers can quickly and flexibly master the use of the equipment.

Strong stability: each part of the whole machine is assembled by meter, and the error is controlled within five lines to ensure the stability of the machine.

Four Process Nested CNC Router

Software support functions: advanced three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, smooth polyline, can ensure the speed and accuracy of curve operation, advanced file preprocessing function, can help users correct errors in processing files in time, and can be well compatible with various The domestic and foreign processing codes generated by the software.

Cost saving: The utilization rate of the board is high, and the cost of raw materials is saved. Automatic intelligent optimization typesetting software, no need for manual calculation, just input the size of the plate, the computer automatically optimizes the calculation typesetting, and generates the machine processing code.

Improve factory production environment: professional vacuuming device, good vacuuming effect, completely change the phenomenon of “flying dust” of traditional push table saw, give workers a good and healthy working environment, and reduce a lot of labor costs.

Perfect after-sale service: Perfect after-sale service system, after-sale service teams all over the country, arrange nearby, and quickly solve customer problems.

IGOLDEN CNC is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. The main products include panel furniture production lines, CNC cutting machines, cabinet door cutting machines, etc., providing stable and reliable intelligent production equipment.

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