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Four principles of CNC cutting machine to improve work efficiency

As the cutting equipment for panel furniture, CNC cutting machine has high requirements on precision and speed. Only when the precision is achieved, the cut sheet can be neat and beautiful furniture can be made. The speed determines the processing efficiency. The speed is fast and stable, which enables the CNC cutting machine to exert high efficiency and create more value.

CNC Nesting Machine with DrillingThere are many accessories in the CNC cutting machine. The servo system plays an important role in speed and accuracy. The quality of the servo system is very important. A good servo system has strong power, high precision and fast speed! Common CNC cutting machine models are equipped with four servo motors: one for the X axis, two for the Y axis, and one for the Z axis. Each manufacturer adjusts the running speed of the equipment according to its own machine design.

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Disc type tool change machining center plus row drill

The principle of adequacy: each process of the CNC cutting machine avoids the waste of the process itself. For example: the cutting process can originally cut three boards at the same time, but it is designed to be two boards, and then the holes on one board in the drilling process The bit can be completed twice, but if you design it to be completed three or four times, these will cause waste in the process itself and affect the processing efficiency. To do this well, the first point is that the corresponding process documents must be comprehensive, that is, The cutting process must have a cutting diagram, and the sawing sequence must be prepared. The drilling process must have a drilling map, and different optimal drilling plans should be provided for different types of drilling.

Synchronization principle: The large direction of the parts of the CNC cutting machine is based on the product, and the small direction is based on the number of single packages of the product. Control each component to reach the packaging process at the same time or within the smallest possible time difference to avoid packaging. The central content of the phenomenon of waiting for parts is actually that the working hours of each component of the project product in the process flow table should be clear, accurate, and maneuverable. Comprehensive factors should be fully considered.

Gradual principle: A good process design is actually just the beginning of a better and better process design. Process design itself is a process of continuous exploration and improvement in practice. Only better is not the best.

Quality principle: No process can improve the efficiency at the expense of product quality, because the product quality of CNC cutting machine is the life of the product, and mass production can be maximized under the premise of quality assurance.

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The advantages of CNC cutting machine

high degree of automation. The CNC cutting machine replaces the traditional manual operation and realizes automatic loading and unloading. In the whole process, only one worker is required to perform some necessary turning work, which greatly improves the processing speed and efficiency.

High machining accuracy, the imported spindle and drill-row package used in the spindle of CNC cutting machine, cutting fast and high precision, new generation control system: fast data processing speed and stable operation. The simple and intuitive interface is easy to learn and get started; the automatic tool setting function allows users to operate the equipment more conveniently and quickly, while ensuring the accuracy of the equipment.

The operation is simple, the CNC cutting machine is a fool-like operation, all dimensions are calculated by the computer, all programs are executed by the computer, the operation is simple, any small worker, after 3-5 hours of training from the manufacturer, can go to work directly and help you thoroughly Get rid of the hard-to-find problems of masters.

The plate utilization rate is high, and the production optimization typesetting software can optimize the plate utilization rate according to the order (up to 98% plate utilization rate). The production splitting software can carry out production according to the existing production task orders, and can warn the inventory of raw materials during the production process to achieve the standard of zero waste.

The cutting machine has a high safety factor in operation, while the push table saw pushes and stops, and it needs to constantly adjust the alignment ruler. If you don’t concentrate, it is easy to get on your fingers, and the safety factor is low.

The cutting machine is fast, and the cutting work is continuous. Unlike the traditional table saw, the board needs to be moved around. The time of the workers using the table saw is wasted on moving the board and adjusting the ruler.

The dust of the cutting machine is small, and the vacuuming effect is much better than that of the table saw.

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