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On the occasion of Thanksgiving, we are very grateful for your trust and support, and will continue to do our best to provide the best CNC machine. In fact, our 3 axis CNC router are very suitable for processing Thanksgiving related products! Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in North America, especially in the United States and Canada. On this day, family members usually gather for dinner, play football and run a family business. If you observe carefully, you will find that all aspects of Thanksgiving are permeated with the products produced by 3 axis CNC router.

3 axis CNC router

Tableware, candle holders and holders for 3 axis CNC router

The focus of Thanksgiving is the family Turkish meal. But have you noticed that there are many delicate plates, guts, glasses, candle holders and shelves of various shapes on the table? All these creative tools can be processed on our 3 axis CNC router. Some CNC machine bits can cut, mill and engrave materials such as wood, ceramics and glass, and some can be used to engrave and mark various designs and letters on the surface of cookware.

3 axis CNC router

CNC ground wood church furniture

In addition to delicious food, many people also choose to pray in church to express their gratitude to God. Have you noticed that most of the tables and chairs in the church are made of wood? Our CNC woodcarving machine is the “master of art” for manufacturing wooden furniture. Wooden CNC milling machine is one of the main products of our machine, with many characteristics and configurations, including many types. For example, nesting CNC machine, 3 axis CNC router, 4 axis CNC router and 5 axis CNC router, ATC CNC engraving machines, 3D CNC machine, etc. 3 axis CNC milling machine have many characteristics, such as high cost, high precision, wide application range, and high degree of automation. The automated process has significantly increased productivity, shortened the production cycle, and saved a lot of labor. This allows furniture manufacturers to produce more furniture in a shorter time. Of course, this will bring more revenue.

3 axis CNC router to cut postcards and wine labels

Many westerners like to hand out party cards during various holidays. If you go to the supermarket, you will see a shelf full of paper cards with various themes. There is a gratitude card. So, how to cut and make so many paper cards? Our CNC milling machine can help you. They has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high productivity. They can be used to cut non-metallic materials such as paper. Cutting cardboard can make full use of cardboard and avoid wasting raw materials.

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