CNC cutting machine

The advantages of CNC cutting machine and three-process CNC cutting machine

The CNC cutting machine is mainly used for sheet metal cutting. Just input the set program into the equipment system, and the entire cutting, drilling, grooving and other processes will be automatically completed by the equipment.

The CNC cutting machine for cabinet making and furniture manufacturing is equipped with three spindles, and different tools can be replaced by automatically replacing the spindles one by one. Designed to meet the needs of professional cabinet making and furniture manufacturing. It moves the rack rapidly through servo motors and drives. Adopt high-performance CNC controller and Syntec control system. The whole machine is welded with thick seamless steel structure, which has good stability and is not easy to deform. The machine adopts gantry movement and can freely process various materials.

CNC cutting machineAdvantages of CNC cutting machine for cabinet making and furniture manufacturing:

In the process of processing samples, we may need more than 3 tools to complete different projects. CNC cutting machines for cabinet making and furniture manufacturing reduce the time to change and adjust tools. CNC cutting machines for cabinet making and furniture manufacturing are precisely controlled by CNC systems and are especially suitable for furniture factories with limited budgets. Why pay for a machine with 8 or 10 tools when you usually only use 3 or fewer tools per project? The three-axis can automatically change the cylinder, which is an economical choice for fully automatic CNC machine tools. Higher speed than ordinary 3-head CNC kits

CNC cutting machine

Cabinet making and furniture manufacturing applications CNC cutting machine kit can be used for plane milling, engraving, hollowing, cutting, 3D embossing, panel furniture, custom office furniture, solid wood furniture, wood cabinet wardrobes, cabinet doors. , closet doors, MDF wooden doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, TV cabinets, computer desks, bedside tables, shoe cabinets, bookcases, door cabinets, display cabinets, medicine cabinets, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen cabinets, screens, craft windows.


  1. Mold making: wood, plaster, foam, wax.
  2. Furniture manufacturing: wooden doors, cabinets, panel furniture, office furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows.
  3. Woodworking: speakers, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machine desks, instruments.
  4. Sheet processing: insulation, plastic chemical composition, PCB, car interior, bowling alley, stairs, anti-boss, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon compounds.
  5. Decorations: wood, acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, aluminum, copper, brass and other soft metals.

CNC cutting machine

The advantages of CNC cutting machine:

  1. The new generation of CNC cutting machine, instead of the traditional manual operation, is the leader in the woodworking industry, improving the utilization rate of the board! The cutting machine uses a milling cutter to cut the material, which can be turned in any direction, and can cut special-shaped plates. The average utilization rate of each plate is 2.7~2.8 square meters.
  2. Save labor, 2 people for pushing the table saw operate one machine, and one person for the cutting machine operates multiple machines, so there is no need to worry about recruiting people or high wages and poor management.
  3. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting machine works continuously, the table saw pushes and stops, the board moves to and fro, and the manual effort and time are spent on moving the board. Adjusted to size.
  4. The machine is operated by a fool, and all data sizes are calculated by the computer, with zero error and zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small worker can be directly employed after 3-5 hours of training by the manufacturer.
  5. The machine can pause at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and preview the plane and three-dimensional images of the engraving path. The stepless speed adjustment is convenient for engraving different materials and is suitable for different industries.

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