The Working Principle of Cabinet Making Machine

The cabinet making machine is one of the main equipment of the panel furniture production line. What is its main working principle and classification?

Cabinet making machine is a kind of automation equipment, mainly used to produce and process common panel cabinets, cabinets, tatami mats and office furniture.

It can also be applied to advertising carving, mold milling, musical instrument carving and crafts. Its main working principle: The precision electric spindle drives the tool to rotate at high speed to complete drilling, cutting, engraving and other processes.

It is used in the printing plate processing industry. The public workbench adopts the form of plate clamp and machine head frame movement. Woodworking CNC Hole Opener is a 3 axis CNC engraving processing equipment, which can drill, slot, slot, engrave and mill on the plane.

There are several common styles of panel furniture cutting machine, such as multi-head CNC engraving machine, CNC cutting machine, ATC CNC router, cabinet making machine. Usually, the multi-head CNC machine is a cheap unloading device, mainly used in the production process, the machine is simple to operate, equipped with different tools, and does not require frequent tool changes. The cabinet making machine is developed on the basis of the original multi-head machine. The spindle used for drilling has been replaced with a special drill bag for woodworking. The CNC cutting machine is a three-axis multifunctional CNC machining center used in the wood industry. It has a large-capacity tool library, which can automatically replace tools and processing cabinets. Carved body and door panel; CNC drilling and punching machining center, that is, middle and high-level woodworking CNC cutting machine with automatic punching and tool change functions.

How to deal with dust during CNC machining

A large amount of dust is generated during CNC engraving. Although most cabinet making machine are equipped with dust collectors, they basically cannot solve the problem of dust removal. When many users use CNC machine, if there is no dust or vacuum, it will damage the machine and personnel.

In order to fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, a comprehensive management approach must be adopted from the beginning of production. In the equipment, choose a reasonable cabinet making machine, and supplemented with dust removal and dust removal measures. However, under current conditions, the most effective measure is to choose dust collection equipment.

The selection of dust collection equipment should take into account aspects such as the degree of purification required in the workplace and the nature of the dust. It can collect large and medium-sized wood chips in time. For the most harmful fine wood dust, the effective traditional method is to use pneumatic dust collectors or bag vacuum equipment to collect. If it is not installed, you can add a separate dust and dust collector to the machine itself, which can also achieve better results.

For safety reasons, operators should wear goggles and dust masks to protect eyes and respiratory organs, especially workers who use machine tools that produce fine wood chips, should wear protective clothing. Large mask to prevent dust damage.

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