3 Axis 4×8 CNC Router Machine

Methods Of Use A Wood Working CNC Router

With a wood working cnc router, you can make a precision cut over and over without having to remeasure your wood or angles. Operating a CNC router rather than a traditional router offers the ease of precision just by inputting a few measurements or uploading a template.


CNC Wood Carving Machine


Wood working cnc router with for solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-scale plate engraving, real wood carving flower router milling, plate furniture carving, antique mahogany furniture carving, solid wood art mural sculpture and other industries, watch box, craft photo frame, calligraphy plaque, electrical counter face, sporting goods equipment, thin aluminum engraving and milling carving.

1. Input your specific measurements or upload your predesigned template to the CNC router. A template created in CAD or other drawing program can be uploaded, and the CNC router will automatically set itself to the specifications. Otherwise, you have to manually enter tool specs, speed, paths and cutd into the machine on the X, Y axis moves back and forth,and the Z axis moves up and down. Make sure that you havetaken the correct measurements on the wood prior to setting the machine.

2. Attach the cutting bit to the drill head that you need to perform the specific cuts on your wood. taken the correct measurements on the wood prior to setting the machine.forth, and the Z axis moves up and down. Make sure that you have taken the correct measurements on the wood prior to setting the machine.

3. Position the wood on the work table at the axis zero that corresponds to your input measurements. The zero is the starting point for the machine to begin cutting.

4.Start the vacuum pump. This will secure the wood to the work table at the zero position. Turn on the wood router cnc machine and watch closely as the router performs the cuts.

Wood working cnc router can be widely used in advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, etc.


CNC Woodworking Machines: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantage: Flawless Cutting Accuracy
With its computerized control, a CNC machine can produce multiple identical pieces. It can also produce one-off pieces that conform precisely to programming coordinates. This accuracy saves companies money by reducing waste pieces.

Disadvantage: Expensive to Purchase
An industrial grade CNC machine is at least a five-figure purchase, and many models reach the six-figure mark. For some woodworkers, this means taking out a second mortgage or looking for a quality used machine. In today’s impressive used woodworking machinery market, the latter is the optimal choice.

Advantage: Excels at Intricate Design
CNC machines can execute intricate designs that manual machines can’t. CNC millers and routers routinely perform intricate millwork and cutouts for furniture. In years past, this work was by hand and reserved for premium products. Today, computer controlled machines make it widely available.

Disadvantage: Costly to Repair
Computer controlled machinery has two components that are costly to repair: sensitive cutter heads and the computer that controls them. Proper training educates CNC operators on the fine points of operating and caring for these elements. But if they malfunction, the repairs can be costly.

Advantage: Fast Training Process
Due to the physical nature of the operator’s job, a manual woodworking machine can take years to master. Conversely, computer controlled machinery can be mastered in as little as weeks. A CNC machine operator controls its computer, oversees the production process, and performs light servicing – tasks that can be learned through training as easily as through experience.

Disadvantage: Potential for Costly Error
Some companies let CNC machines execute the operator’s instructions while he attends another machine. If the instructions contain an error that isn’t caught, a large run of useless pieces could ensue.

Advantage: Excellent Resale Value
As long as it is well maintained, industrial grade CNC machinery retains its value well. With woodworkers constantly on the lookout for quality used machinery, you shouldn’t have difficulty liquidating a machine when you need to upgrade to a new one.


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