5 Axis Atc CNC Router

How To Check Whether The 5 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Is Normal Before Work

Now the CNC wood cutting and engraving machine has gradually replaced the traditional wood etching machine. And it is loved by more and more business people in the woodworking industry. According to the different processing needs of customers, wood carving CNC machines are continuously upgraded and the types become more and more diverse.

4 and 5-axis MillingSo What Are The Steps For 5 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Inspection?

First of all, the operator must be very familiar with the 5 axis woodworking cnc router, whether it is the structure of the engraving machine, the scope of application, the technical specifications of the cutting machine and the safety rules that should be followed when using it, they need to be aware of this to avoid accidents during use . Before the formal operation, the operator is usually required to conduct an inspection. Only those who pass the exam can operate the CNC cutting machine.

First, the woodworking routermust be inspected comprehensively before the official start. Check whether the connecting bolts of each part of the routerare loose, whether the transmission device of the routerruns smoothly, and whether it runs smoothly. Whether the buttons of the routerare normal, whether the lubrication system of the cutting machine and the pneumatic system check system and various safety systems are in good condition.

Then, before the formal processing, the woodworking routerwill be in an idling state, because only idling can ensure that all parts of the machine are normal and safe.

 5 Axis Woodworking CNC RouterDifferent engraving effects The 5 axis woodworking cnc router embossing production engraving software designs the engraving path, and then enters it into the computer for automatic engraving, so the details of the engraving are neat and unified. Whether it is a flower plate or a cloud bead, each place has the same size, and it does not look any different , The machine is suitable for mass production, making furniture manufacturing more refined and perfect.

These are some steps for 5 axis woodworking cnc router inspection. I hope it helps. If you want to know more about the use of wood carving machine, you can contact us at any time.

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