Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Types of CNC Cutting Machine Equipment-Portable CNC Cutting Machine Selection

What kind of CNC cutting machine equipment do you see in the market? The type of CNC cutting machine, which is suitable for metal processing enterprises and investors? Set up metal processing plants, enterprises upgrade and replace equipment, such production Equipment is indispensable. If the equipment is not good, unstable, the production capacity is not large, and the processing quality is not good, it will be more than the loss for the enterprise!

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting MachineCNC cutting machine equipment can be classified from these aspects, such as: process, type of processing material, model, degree of automation, of course, this refers to large metal processing enterprises, which need to be understood according to the actual situation. Many CNC cutting machine manufacturers on the market have supporting equipment sales, such as Wuhan Huayucheng CNC cutting machine, in terms of technology, there are plane cutting, three-dimensional cutting, pipe cutting, three-dimensional cutting, etc. Each product has its own unique characteristics, Natural prices are also different.

Types of CNC cutting machines, different CNC cutting machines have different craftsmanship, and the price of the whole set of equipment is naturally different. For example, Huayucheng CNC’s desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, gantry CNC cutting machine and a series of equipment have different prices. Therefore, when metal processing enterprises choose, they should choose according to their own needs, what type of materials to process, and how much power plasma generator is needed?

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The choice of CNC cutting machine model, this is the metal production enterprises need to choose according to their own production capacity, the development trend of the enterprise, can not blindly pursue high power, it is easy to cause overkill. The power of the plasma generator is small, and the efficiency cannot keep up. Therefore, it should be selected according to the actual situation.

The so-called portable CNC cutting machine is also known as a trolley-type CNC cutting machine or a micro CNC cutting machine. From the perspective of the model characteristics, the trolley-type cutting machine has the characteristics of high-speed and high-efficiency CNC cutting machines, and its processing accuracy is also higher than that of ordinary hand-held or hand-held CNC cutting machines. Imitation equipment has improved a lot. When choosing a portable CNC cutting machine, the following aspects should generally be considered:

The structure of the portable CNC cutting machine depends on the size of the machine tool, the weight of the workpiece and other factors.

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The size of the main specifications of the portable CNC cutting machine should be adapted to the outline size of the workpiece, so that the equipment can be used reasonably.

The portable CNC cutting machine is selected according to the machining accuracy requirements of the parts, and the working accuracy of the portable CNC cutting machine is compatible with the machining accuracy required by the process.

The power, stiffness and maneuvering range of the portable CNC cutting machine should be adapted to the nature of the process and the most suitable cutting amount.

The convenience of clamping and the simple structure of the fixture are directly related to the difficulty of CNC programming and the reliability of CNC machining.

The selection of CNC cutting machine system mainly includes the following aspects:

Whether it can be connected to each height-adjusting and lifting body to realize remote operation at the cutting torch, which is particularly convenient for the positioning movement of the cutting torch;

Whether the same kind of parts can be directly and simply input the cutting quantity to realize automatic continuous and large-scale cutting;

Whether to adopt a data code method that ordinary employees can understand, the on-site programming is very simple and clear.

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