stone engraving machine

What are the characteristics of stone engraving machine?

At present, stone engraving machines have a wide range of applications and many types of equipment. With the development of the stone decoration market, the stone decoration industry and the stone relief industry have been undergoing rapid changes.

stone engraving machineWhat are the characteristics of cnc stone cutting machine?

  1. The overall thick-walled all-steel structure design, after welding and tempering aging treatment, has strong rigidity, high strength, and stable rotation, so that it does not deform or shake during long-term high-speed operation.
  2. Gantry type movement, fixed working table, can process materials on the working table arbitrarily;
  3. The tabletop adopts vacuum adsorption tabletop, which is made of bakelite, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The adsorption tabletop is designed according to customer needs, and it can strongly adsorb non-metallic materials of different sizes of plates;
  4. A professional equipment with high comprehensive cost performance, suitable for medium and large furniture and wooden door enterprises, suitable for batch and all-weather work, standard 4.5KW air-cooled high-power electric spindle, original high-precision imported bearings, greatly extending the service life .
  5. Adopt Taiwan AMT high-precision, zero-clearance square weighted sliding linear guide pair, the rack system is a high-precision special process rack, running smoothly and with high precision; and the Y-axis adopts bilateral drive, fast speed, high efficiency, and bearing capacity Large, heavy cutting can be performed.

Stone engraving machine

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