ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Best Selling In Woodworking Engraving Machines

Scope of application of woodworking engraving machine:

Woodworking and wooden door industry: CNC woodworking engraving machine is suitable for furniture decoration, wooden handicrafts, art models, artistic characters, logos, plate plane engraving, solid wood furniture, art murals, MDF paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinet doors and windows, bedside table screen relief carving Three-dimensional surface and shape cutting of various wood products industrial products such as cutting, decoration processing, gift packaging, electrical countertops, sporting goods and so on.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making MachineAdvertising engraving and decoration industry: CNC woodworking engraving machine is suitable for cutting, hollowing out PVC, acrylic, furon board, MDF, plexiglass and other advertising materials. The cutting surface is smooth without burrs and burrs, and the operation is simple and convenient. Advertising industry.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Product advantages of woodworking engraving machine:

◆All-steel structure, the woodworking engraving machine adopts the table top and gantry beam structure of heavy machine tool, and the structure is stable.

◆Equipped with Weihong control system, excellent control technology and powerful engine make this machine perform well in various industrial applications.

◆From standardized mass production to personalized production can be done with ease.

◆Intelligent processing cross-border protection to prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.

◆Compatible with a variety of software: professional control system, compatible with a variety of software Typo3/Artcam/Castmte/Pro/Ue/Cad/IIlustrator/Wentai.

◆Long time work: It can realize power failure, breakpoint, and processing every other day, which is convenient and labor-saving.

◆High-speed processing: high kinetic energy, Y-axis dual-motor drive, and the number of curved and linear speeds.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

The woodworking engraving machine must have the following four characteristics:


The main factor that affects the strength is the power of the spindle motor. The general power is more than three kilowatts. The tool can be clamped to 12.7. There are also the drive motor and driver of the woodworking engraving machine that affect the strength, and these accessories also affect the price of the engraving machine.


In the modern processing industry, what is required is speed, that is, processing efficiency. On the premise that the strength can be achieved, it can be as fast as possible, and the service life of the machine must also be considered. The high-quality woodworking engraving machine is equipped with a large stepping motor (such as: Fuxing 118) or a servo motor, and a large driver (such as: Yankong 2811), while ensuring long-term rapid processing, the drive system will not be hot, and will not Exceeds the load of the engraving machine.

Accuracy must be accurate.

Accuracy is the primary parameter to inspect the woodworking engraving machine. The woodworking engraving machine must ensure high-speed processing while ensuring stable and high precision. This is not an easy task, but this is the ability that a high-quality engraving machine must have, which also tests the engraving. The production level of the machine manufacturer, regardless of the engraving and cutting, must be in good position for a long time, and the engraving is smooth and straight.

Reasonable structure and stable bed.

The bed of the woodworking engraving machine is like the foundation of a house, which must be firm and not deformed. The body of the lean engraving machine has undergone vibration aging treatment, so it is firm and not deformed, which ensures that it can maintain excellent performance for long-term use.

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