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What should I do with the running board of the panel furniture cutting machine?

When your cutting machine is processing panel furniture, will the board deviate? How do you usually solve it? Do you know the cause of the problem?

Cabinet production lineLet’s first take a look at several situations in which the running board will appear:

  1. The adsorption force of the countertop is not good. Generally, such a machine is not a problem for a whole board, but it may not be able to adsorb when processing small boards.
  2. The design path of the order dismantling software is unreasonable, such as where to start cutting, where to position it, how to move the knife, and it is also related to the specific wood to be cut, because different woods may have different grains.
  3. When using the panel furniture cutting machine, a density board should be added on the table as the bottom plate. The knife marks of different depths left on the bottom plate during processing are the equipment eating plate. If the bottom plate is not replaced in time, the adsorption and leakage will be Will run the board.
  4. After the board is processed, the unclean table will also affect the adsorption, and the running board may occur when the next board is processed.
  5. Another point, which cannot be adjusted later, is that the contact area between the y-axis guide rack of the equipment and the bed is manually punched during the assembly process, and the holes are not in a straight line, resulting in the racks on both sides of the guide rail. If the installation is not on the same level, when the equipment runs fast, there will be slight vibrations, which will not be detected by the naked eye even at the scene, which will lead to the appearance of the running board phenomenon in the later stage.

Cabinet production line

Cutting, drilling, edging, milling, etc. can be done in one go, and the head can be switched in four processes. The tool changing process is uninterrupted and automated.

Electric oil injection, can be set to automatically inject oil, to ensure the lubrication of the slider and screw guide rails, and prolong the service life.

Reinforced and thickened heavy-duty gantry, the steel plate is processed by cutting and planer, plus welding, which is equivalent to secondary tempering treatment, ensuring long-lasting durability and no deformation of the gantry.

The integral cast iron side plate is treated with high temperature tempering to prevent deformation of the side plate and affect the traveling accuracy of the Y-axis.

Suitable for panel furniture, cabinet wardrobe, office furniture, custom furniture. Wardrobe cabinets, cabinet cabinets, computer desks, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils and other panel furniture flat blanking, milling, chamfering, punching, carving and other auxiliary processing.

The above is all about the panel furniture cutting machine, thank you for reading~

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