Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine

Woodworking cutting machine with disc type tool changer

Woodworking cutting machine is a new type of industrial control technology and a device with complex mechanical structure. Although there are differences in structure and function, apart from the differences, there are also some commonalities. Here, Jiabang CNC describes the general method of CNC system failure analysis and maintenance.

Automatic Cabinet Making CNC MachineHandling overruns

Reason: This situation is usually caused by the “physical coordinate position” and “processing file size” of the machining zero point exceeding the size value set by “soft limit”.

Method: After the user defines the machining zero point and starts machining, the X or Y axis exceeds the limit in a certain direction.

Solution: It can be solved by re-selecting the appropriate machining zero point.

Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine

Outside before inside

Reason: The technological level of modern CNC woodworking cutting machine is getting higher and higher, and the failure rate of CNC woodworking cutting machine itself is getting lower and lower, and most of the failures are not caused by CNC woodworking cutting machine itself. Since the CNC woodworking cutting machine is a mechanical, hydraulic, and electric tool, its failure will be comprehensively reflected through these three factors.

Method: The maintenance personnel first check one by one from the outside to the inside, and try to reduce the random unpacking and disassembly, otherwise the failure will expand, the machine tool will lose accuracy, and the performance will decline.

Solution: Before troubleshooting, attention should be paid to eliminating mechanical faults and correcting them in time.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Exception handling interrupt

Reason: The soft limit area set by the user is smaller than the actual machining area of the machine tool.

Method: The system can start processing normally, and an abnormal interruption occurs after processing for a period of time.

Solution: The soft limit area is larger than the actual machining area of the machine tool.


Cause: Voltage Fluctuation

Judgment method: the screen prompts normal, but pressing any key does not work when the value stops changing; the screen prompts “entering the power-off protection state, maybe your power-off protection does not match the voltage.” Collision in manual movement; during manual operation , the screen displays “Entering the power-off protection state, it may be that your power-off protection does not match the voltage”; the screen prompts to display the current operation status, and pressing any key will not work.

Solution: This situation usually occurs when the voltage fluctuates, similar to the case of brownout protection. Only when the voltage fluctuation is small, there will be a prompt on the screen, and when the voltage fluctuation is too large, the screen cannot be displayed due to the function of the reset circuit of the power management chip in the control card. After adjusting the working voltage of the control card to 5.3V, the above situation can basically be solved

Through observation and inspection, the above problems of woodworking cutting machine failure are analyzed. If the above problems occur, don’t panic, as long as you follow the methods provided by Jiabang CNC Bianxiao, you can solve them very well. If there is a problem that cannot be solved, or there is an inoperable situation during use, you can contact us, and professional technicians will give you detailed guidance.

Recommended equipment: disc type tool changer plus row drilling machining center

Equipped with drill bag, equipped with 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, 9-hole drill bag, independent operation.

The 5*4 arrangement of drill bags meets the processing requirements of various non-metallic materials. The drill bags are arranged in four vertical and five horizontal directions to realize the function of drilling multiple holes at the same time, and can punch holes of different sizes to improve the drilling work. effectiveness.

The disc tool magazine can accommodate 8-12 knives to meet the processing needs of different processes, and is suitable for processing complex products in large quantities. Improve processing efficiency and accuracy.

The bed is processed by large-scale gantry milling, tempered and quenched at high temperature, and the segmented rectangular tube welding bed is welded by multiple rectangular tubes with a thickness of 6mm. The bed weighs 1200kg and has built-in reinforcing ribs. The column and the bed are assembled on the side, and the equipment runs more smoothly; the five-axis machining center mills the connection reference plane and drills at one time to ensure product accuracy. Internal stress relief, higher toughness, tensile strength and dimensional stability. Effectively improve the accuracy of the bed and reduce the machining error of the workpiece. Increased resistance and stability of the guide rail. Reduce the loss of equipment in use. The precision of the machine tool can be maintained for a long time, and it will not be deformed for 10 years. The equipment has good stability and reduces the processing error caused by the vibration of the bed.

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