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What are the parts of the CNC craving machine?

CNC engraving machine is the product of the combination of CNC technology and engraving process, and is a special CNC machine tool. Similar to the general CNC machine tool, the CNC engraving machine controls the action of the engraving machine according to the program code through the CNC system to realize the automation of the engraving process. Compared with traditional manual engraving and profiling engraving, CNC engraving has significant advantages such as high production efficiency, high machining accuracy, high yield, and strong adaptability to parts; The generation of the program is quick and easy to modify. Therefore, the CNC engraving machine has now become an effective means to realize the automation, high efficiency and high precision of engraving processing, and it is also the mainstream of the development of the engraving machine today.

What are the parts of the CNC engraving machine?

  1. CNC spindle

The CNC spindle is an electric spindle that can engrave, drill and mill and drill at high speed. From the perspective of cooling methods, there are two types of spindles commonly used in the market: water cooling and air cooling. The water-cooled spindle adopts water circulation, the heat generated after cooling the spindle is high-speed, the cooling effect is good, the noise is low, the service life is long, and the precision is high. The air-cooled spindle is cooled by a fan, which is easy to operate, easy to maintain and low in cost. No special maintenance is required, so maintenance and use costs are high. The air-cooled spindle is suitable for water shortage users. If your place is cold, water can easily freeze, so an air-cooled spindle is ideal.

  1. CNC Router MachineMotor

It is an important part of the computer-controlled woodworking engraving machine, and its performance has a great influence on the performance of the computer engraving machine. Motors are usually divided into two categories, including precision machining motors and high-power cutting motors.


Precision machining motors have the characteristics of low noise, high speed, high precision, and are suitable for machining relatively precise working parts, such as seals, nameplates, badges, etc. This type of motor is usually a low speed variable frequency motor. Generally less than 250 watts. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is not suitable for cutting thick materials.

CNC Router Machine

High-power cutting motors are mainly used for cutting and engraving. It is characterized by high power and strong cutting ability, especially suitable for cutting large molds and 3D characters. Of course, badges, nameplates, seals, etc. can also be made.


  1. CNC woodworking engraving machine table

CNC woodworking engraving machine table is mainly used for handling different workpieces. Different work parts of different materials and shapes require different processing tables. Common on the market are aluminum T-slot countertops and T-slot vacuum countertops.


The T-slot table is fixed to ensure that the workpiece will not shake during engraving. It has the characteristics of low cost and flexibility, and is suitable for workpieces with irregular shapes or difficult to repair. The t-slot and vacuum table consist of a vacuum pump and high-quality handrails. Vacuum adsorption can be divided into six parts and eight parts, vacuum adsorption can improve the adsorption performance. Open the vacuum valve, the rigidity is directly fixed, which is convenient for loading and unloading, saving time, high efficiency, and high speed. Suitable for wood door processing and large engraving.

CNC Router Machine

  1. Control system

The main function of the control system is to execute computer software commands to control the work of the inverter and drive. Common woodworking engraving control systems include handle control and computer control.


The joystick control system saves space and eliminates the need to connect to a computer. Simple operation, easy to learn and easy to master. After shutdown, the machine has automatic engraving function, which saves tedious manual points and improves work efficiency. The failure rate is low, and the machine runs more smoothly.


The computer control system can not only preview the processing effect, but also check the processing trajectory at any time, or correct the program loading error during the operation. Each function is displayed on the control panel, which is very convenient to operate.


  1. Rails

A guide rail is a device that can accommodate, fix, guide and reduce the friction of moving equipment or devices. Common equipment includes round and square rails. The invention has low cost, short production period and convenient installation, and is suitable for small-scale engraving, especially simple relief engraving. Therefore, this is the best choice for a small CNC planer or a desktop CNC wood planer.


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What is a 3 axis CNC Router?


The 3-axis CNC Router is the entry-level and widely applied CNC router machine. Its excellent durability and stability are praised by customers from all over the world. The 3-axis CNC wood router includes the single-spindle CNC wood router, dual-spindle CNC wood router, multi-head CNC wood router, multi-processing CNC wood router with pneumatic tool changer, CNC wood router with automatic tool changer and mini CNC router machine.

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