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20mm Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

What Is Fiber Laser Technology?
High capacity fiber lasers are made in the combination of two most creative and sophisticated laser technologies: effective optical fiber and semiconductor diodes. The lasers activate diode as the source of light to impel the active fiber. In the optical fiber, the laser ray is generated and then is relayed by flexible resistant wire. Quality active fibers and rare-earth ions are doped together facilitating high power generation of an extremely small core that efficiently produces powerful lasers of one kilowatt with superior beam quality. undertakes a number of proprietary technology to produce consistent and powerful (kilowatts) fiber lasers for the existing and potential market.
Laser uses light to cut metal. Light is concentrated into a single point to be able to pierce and cut metal. Just think of a magnifying glass that can be used to focus sunlight into a single point and burn it. That’s how cutting with light pretty much works.

high speed laser cutting machineWhen manufactures want laser cutting to process their own metal parts or those of their clients, the most important and valuable thing they consider is mostly its ability to achieve fast, stable, and cost-saving cutting, which maximizes profits and wins trusts from customers. However, according to the experiences of Bodor service engineers, who help solve technical problems for Bodor product users, some cutting quality defects during actual cutting processing often bother them and make their objection not totally achievable. In this article, we gather the experiences of our engineers to conclude 10 common laser metal cutting quality defects and proved solutions, to help get satisfying laser cutting. Read on to learn more.

1. Poor cutting quality at only one side of the edge

Causes: Laser beam is not aligned to lens; Nozzle is blocked or not round; Laser path not clean or not vertical to material

Solutions: Check beam centering, check nozzle, check laser head verticality or lens cleanliness

2. Kerf too wide

img2 Causes: Gas pressure is too high; Focus height is too high; Too much laser power; Poor quality of material
Solutions: Reduce pressure by 0.1bar every time; Lower focus height by 0.2mm every time; Reduce laser power; Clean material surface

3. Burnt corners

img3 Causes: Corner overheat
Solutions: Apply power curve or cooling point

4. Rough section only at the lower side of the edge

img4 Causes: Gas pressure is too high; Focus height is too low
Solutions: Reduce pressure and increase focus height

5. Too rough striations at cutting edge

img5 Causes: Gas pressure is too high; Focus height is too high; Cutting speed is too slow; Lens is dirty or damaged
Solutions: Lower gas pressure; Lower focus height; Increase cutting speed; Check lens

6. Soft slags that can be removed at lower surface

img6 Causes: Cutting speed is too fast; Focus height is too high; Gas pressure is too high
Solutions: Lower cutting speed; Lower focus height; Lower gas pressure

7. Coating peeled off at the lower edge

img7 Causes: Gas pressure is too high; Focus height is too low; Cutting speed is too fast
Solutions: Lower gas pressure and cutting speed; Increase focus height

8. Hard slags at the lower surface of stainless steel sheets

img8 Causes: Focus height is too high; Gas pressure is too low; Cutting height is improper
Solutions: Lower focus height; Increase gas pressure; Adjust cutting height

9. Abnormal color of the edge

img9 Causes: N2 is not pure
Solutions: Change to pure N2

10. Abnormal defect at starting cutting point

Causes: Wrong setting of laser on/off delay; Improper cutting lead

Solutions: Apply different lead line; Reset the laser on/off delay

The advantage of stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine:

1. It is easier to keep the works in the correct position.

2. A very accurate sample can be obtained in a short period of time by fiber laser cutting cost. The entire cutting process is easily implemented within less time compared to traditional processing modes.

3. In stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine application, there is no direct contact with the workpiece of the cutting tool to reduce the risk of contaminated materials.

4. During the traditional separation process, heat generated during the cutting process usually melts. In fiber cutting, the thermal region is very small, reducing the likelihood of material deformation.

5. The fiber laser cutter china requires a smaller cutting sheet metal energy.

6. Fiber laser technology can be used to cut wood, ceramics, plastics, rubber and certain metals.

7. stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine is amazing multi-function technology, which can be used to cut or combustible structures in one of them.

8. One or two cutters can be used in the work of several other cutters.

9. It is easy to control the laser cutting machine process through the computer program, which makes it very accurate, saving a considerable number of work.

10. Since the laser machine products does not need to intervene, in addition to inspection and repair, the frequency of damage and accidents is very low.

11. The laser cutting machine has high efficiency, and the desired design is a precise copy of each other.

The disadvantages of fiber laser cutting:

1. Efficiency and power consumption depends on the nature of partial types and lasers needed. Typically, laser cut has high energy consumption.

2. The components to a fiber laser cutter are generally more expensive, so when exposed to the sun for a long time, exposing the parts outside the room will have damage to the parts. Therefore, the laser cutting service provider should have a well-ventilated room, which is very important. Moreover, harmful or toxic gases may be released during cutting certain materials.

3. Not all types of metals can be cut with consumer laser cutter. For example, the use of this technique cannot be cut, silver and other metals.

4. The productivity is inconsistent. All depends on the type of material used, the thickness of the workpiece and the nature of laser cutting.

5. Setting the temperature and distance laser results in a combustion of some materials.

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