CNC Router Machine

3 Axis Woodworking 3D CNC Router With Vacuum Table

The CNC Routers are capable of cutting or engraving a variety of hard materials like wood,MDF,plywood, acrylic,aluminum,composites, stone,marble,granite,plastics and foams, giving you highly precise results.

CNC Router MachineUnique CNC 3 Axis Woodworking 3D CNC Router With Vacuum Table main features:

  1. All-steel welded and precision machined frame
  2. All-steel precision machined gantry
  3. Taiwan made linear guide rails and bearings
  4. High precision gearboxes
  5. Emergency buttons at two sides, can stop the machine immediately
  6. Tool sensor for tool set conveniently
  7. Rails and ballscrew lubricate system
  8. Break-point memory function
  9. DSP A11 control system, no need to connect with PC when working,set parameters conveniently

CNC Router Spindle

Spindle just like the engine of your car,it decides how far it can go and how heavy it can be loaded. Even a small spindle like 3KW provides enough torque for most purposes but may have to slow down and do multi-passes.If your budget allows, choose a spindle as big as possible.

CNC Wood Router Machine

CNC Router Driving Motors

We always suggest our clients choose stepper motors to make the CNC Routers more affordable, unless:

Need Better Precision

If your application tolerance requires a very high precision, choose servo motors.

Need More Torque

For hard materials, not only require a stronger spindle,but also require a powerful motor to drag and perform the cutting action.

Need Faster Speed

For Unique CNC Router with no load, moving speed can reach 30 meters per minute when employing stepper motors and 60 meters per minute when employing servo motors.

CNC Router Table Type

Unique CNC Routers have three types tables

T-slot clamping table

A T-Slot Clamping Table is the most simple table structure for fixing a working object through clamping kits.

For most flat sheet materials such as wood,MDF,aluminum,acrylic,plastic can use vacuum table.

Dust collect system

Both the cutting process and the carving process generate immense dust. With the Dust Collection system, all dust residue is controlled within a small area by employing the brush of the dust hood on the spindle to get the residue vacuumed away into the dust bag of the dust collector. With our effective dust collection system, you have a cleaner working environment, longer lifespan of machine’s mechanical parts and most importantly, a healthier workforce.

Dust hood

We provide a dust hood for every CNC Wood Router.With the Dust Hood, you will be able to connect to our dust collector or your own dust collecting system.

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