ATC CNC Router – Best Choice to Improve Production Efficiency

What Is ATC CNC Router?

ATC CNC router is a CNC router machine with auto tool change, is a automatic CNC router, refers to an automatic cutter that is an apparatus that implements transmission, loading, and unloading tools between tool magazines and CNC router spindles. The ATC CNC router is a smart CNC machine kit with automatic tool tool for woodworking, and the spindle usually carries 6 cutters or 8 cutters or 10 cutters or 12 cutters. The CNC tool can automatically change according to the operation of the machine, without manual operation, which will greatly improve productivity. There are two types of CNC ATC kits, including linear ATC CNC routers and CD ATC CNC routers.

Features & Advantages

The high-power automatic tool replaces the characteristics and advantages of the spindle, the starting performance is good, the torque is good, and the advantages of high speed and higher efficiency can be given to the machine. It uses Japanese high torque servo motor, which has the advantage of low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy. With a unique tool change device, you can switch your desired tools, and special tool settings tables can accurately compensate for tool length errors. Try only takes only a few seconds. Standard Tools Magazines come with 8 tools to customize larger capacity instruments.

Types of tool changer

The automatic tooling system of the CNC machining center consists of two parts: tool box and automatic tooling device. It has two main advantages: first, only one spindle is retained, which facilitates simplifying the structure of the spindle, increasing the rigidity of the spindle; secondly, a large number of tools with different types and functions can be stored in the library, which is convenient to complete various Complex and multi-step handler. Therefore, whether there is an automatic tooling system is an important sign to distinguish CNC machine tools from the CNC machining center.

Automatic tool replacement equipment is mainly divided into two types: direct replacement knife and disc tool


  1. Woodworking industry: 3D wave board processing, cabinet door, solid wood door, craft wooden door, free paint door, screen, craft window production, shoe oil, game cabinet and panel, computer desk and panel furniture production.
  2. Advertising industry: Production advertising logo, logo, acrylic cutting and foam molding, various advertising materials and decorative products.
  3. Mold industry: It can engrave metal molds such as copper, aluminum, iron, as well as non-metallic molds of artificial marble, sandstone, plastic plate, PVC tube, wooden board, etc.
  4. Other industries: It can shape a variety of shadow sculptures and relief sculptures, which are widely used in the process and gift industry.

IGOLDEN hot sale ATC CNC router machine

Type 1. 3 Axis ATC CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer 


The 3 axis ATC CNC router machine is suitable for various complex products processing. According to the needs of different production processes, customers are equipped with 6, 8, 10 and 12 bits. Widely used in plate carving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, slotting and so on.




Type 2. Rotary Spindle 4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine with Auto Tool Change

The best 4 axis CNC wood engraving machine, the spindle can swing 180 degree, 8 linear tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing technologies, full-scale engraving without dead angles, and can complete curved surface processing, mainly used in wood mold industry, craft industry and gift industry.





Type 3. 4 Axis Machining Centre CNC Milling Machine for Foam, Aluminum, Wood Mold Processing

EPS CNC router 4 axis machining centre, the spindle can swing 180 °, optional 8 linear tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing technologies, full-scale 3D engraving, and curved surface processing is available, also known as foam CNC router machine, mold CNC router machine, EPS CNC carving machine.




Type 4. Intelligent ATC Furniture Making Nesting CNC Machine with drilling head


The CNC automatic tool change ATC machining centre is equipped with 9-hole drilling bag, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and independent operation. Usually used in conjunction with labelling coding machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. High speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability. It is suitable for processing various cabinet doors and wooden doors.




Type 5. Wooden Door Making ATC CNC Router Machine

The ATC CNC router machine is equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, can choose 8,10,12 tool magazines to meet processing needs. It can also be equipped with a 9-hole drilling package that can run independently, which is efficient It is stable and does not need to be expanded due to large diameter holes, and can be processed into any non-metallic material hole at one time.

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