How To Reduce Dross And Slagduring CNC Machine Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of machine which processes metal materials by means of plasma cutting technology. cnc machine plasma cutting is a kind of processing method that uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to melt or evaporate the metal part or part of the workpiece incision and eliminates the molten metal by the momentum of high-speed plasma to form the incision.

The plasma cutting arc will form irregular gaps in width, depth, and shape due to different cutting process parameters on the cutting surface of the material, which will interrupt the uniform cutting surface. At the same time, the slag is formed on the lower edge of the cutting surface. Its composition is mainly oxidation iron. This is a problem of plasma arc cut fusion.

Types of dross and their solutions

In top dross, spatter appears on the top edge of both pieces of the plate. This can be caused by using worn consumables including cutting tips that have outlasted their usefulness. Cutting the piece too fast can also introduce top dross. Incorrect torch height (or standoff) will also result in top dross accumulation.

Replace worn cutting tip
Decrease the speed of your cut incrementally until dross in minimized
Lower the torch height incrementally
Lower voltage incrementally

High-speed dross occurs, as its name implies, is when the cutting speed is too high. Higher speeds causes the CNC plasma arc to fall behind the torch, leaving hard globs of uncut metal on the bottom of the plate and requiring tenacious cleanup.

Replace worn cutting tip, especially if the orifice shows signs of wear
Decrease the speed of your cut incrementally until dross in minimized
Lower the torch height incrementally
Boost current, being careful not to exceed 95% of your nozzles AMP rating

When your cutting speed is too slow, the plasma arc becomes like an hungry animal, looking for more metal to keep itself alive. The arc becomes wider, which in turn widens the cut to a point where the gas velocity from the torch can no longer blast the molten metal away. As a result, thick slag that would have been blown away forms on the bottom of the plate.

Incrementally increase cut speed until dross in minimized
Raise the torch height incrementally
Reduce current incrementally

What is the purpose of CNC plasma cutting equipment?
CNC machine plasma cutting is a melting process in which a jet of ionized gas at temperatures above 20,000°C is used to melt and expel material from the cut.

plasma cutting machine

CNC machine plasma cutting Application
Applied industry: case shell of mechanical and electrical products processing, advertising signages, process decoration, black smith gardens, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical accessories cutting and processing ,welding industry etc.Applied Materials All kinds of metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed. Appliesto iron p late, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, White Steel plate, Titanium plates, and so on like the sheet metal.

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