3 Axis ATC CNC Router

The Different Of Multi Head CNC Machine And Best ATC CNC Wood Router

Best ATC cnc wood router and multi head CNC router are both popular CNC routers in the CNC machining field. And these two machines have a lot of obvious advantages than ordinary CNC routers as they perform higher processing efficiency and precision.Both of the two machines can finish multiple processing steps without stopping work.  What’s more, they do not require manual tool replacement during the processing.  However, these two machines have a lot of differences and different applications.

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Before explaining the similarities and differences between the best atc cnc wood router and spindle shift cnc router, we must first understand what they are, respectively.

Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

一、The principle of tool change is different

:The multi-process woodworking engraving machine has multiple spindles, and different types of tools are installed on the multiple spindles. When the tool needs to be changed, the current spindle goes up, and the required spindle goes down to continue processing.

:Just one spindle,but it has a magazine,Different models have different tool magazine capacities, including 8, 12 and 14 tools, etc. According to the shape of the tool magazine and the tool changing method, there are ,  etc. When changing the tool, the machine head moves to the tool magazine , select the required tool, come back to continue processing.

二、Difference in processing accuracy

:The distance between each spindle needs to set the offset, but the offset error between the spindles is basically ±0.5mm, corresponding to the processing of the plate, the error will become larger, and the processing accuracy will be lower.

:Except for the wear of the tool, there is basically no error. The error corresponding to the plate processing is basically ±0.03mm, and the processing accuracy is high.

三、Different processing functions

:There are at most four spindles, but the four processes only support automatic switching of four tools. It is suitable for solid wood doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, paint-free doors, painted doors, soft-packed doors, etc. processing. Therefore, the processing is some relatively simple patterns, and the price is relatively low.

:It has an linear tool magazine with 14 tools, which can realize the automatic switching of 14 tools. It can make patterns with complex designs, diverse shapes and high precision, which require many knives to complete, and the price is higher than that of multiple processes.

四、Application in custom furniture

: If it is only a single processing cabinet, only simple door type and cabinet process work such as slotting, cutting, punching, etc., the processing speed of multi-process is faster than the processing speed of automatic tool change.

: Generally, there are 14 tools as standard, and the tool magazine has a large capacity. The biggest advantage is the door panel pattern engraving. In particular, the cabinet doors have many patterns, which are larger than four knives. To do more door panels and a small amount of cabinet carving, you must choose a Linear type automatic changer center.

The multi-spindle CNC Router reduces the purchasing cost of users and realizes automatic tool change, but the number of tools is limited, such as 3, 4, or 8 at most.  The ATC CNC Router has a tool magazine (linear tool magazine or carousel tool magazine).  According to the different needs of different customers, there’re different tool magazine capacities that can be chosen, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, or more, when changing the tool, the machine head moves to the tool magazine, selects the required tool, and returns to continue carving.  Realize quick tool change, improve work efficiency.

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