CNC Wood Router Machine

Best Sell Woodworking CNC Wood Router Machine for Sale

CNC wood router is mainly used for wood door making, cabinet making, sign making, furniture making, decoration making and other popular woodworking. Now the CNC router machine is at an affordable price.

CNC Router Machine The Feature of Woodworking CNC Router

  1. CNC machine router uses welded machine body with thick square steel. Excellent stability and precision.
  2. CZ wood router machine uses high power spindle with constant power. Low noise and super strong cutting force. Improve work efficiency.
  3. CNC wood router adopts famous brand drivers and motors, have powerful strength, fast work speed.
  4. Wood router for sale has well compatibility: CAD / CAM design software e.g. Type 3 / Artcam / Castmate / Wentai etc.
  5. CNC wood router has the function of re carving from break point if power failure.
  6. The CNC router machine has the function of forecasting work time.
  7. Wood router machine uses advanced NCstuido system and DSP, convenient operation.
  8. We will provide you a set of knives and a toolbox with other accessories for the CNC machine router.

CNC Wood Router Machine

Machine Application

(1) Classification

CNC router machine has different type for different need.

Woodwork engraving machine, tombstone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, jade engraving machine, stone engraving machine, mold engraving machine, micro engraving machine, PCB board engraving machine, metal engraving machine, glass engraving machine, mold engraving machine.

CNC Wood Router Machine

(2) Material

CNC machine router can cut and engrave multi type materials.

Acrylic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, double color board, wood board, MDF, marble, fireboard, rubber board, glass, ABS board, stone, metal, aluminum plastic board, etc.

(3) Business object

CNC wood router is widely used in many places.

Advertising companies, decoration companies, hotels, shop malls, schools, hospitals, office, bath centers, etc.

(4) Application

Wood router machine is widely used in many fields and industries.

Advertising industry, mold industry, construction industry, print and package industry, woodwork industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, etc.

a.Advertising industry: advertising signs and logos, decoration products, wood, MDF, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, double color board, metals, stone etc.

  1. Furniture: 3D wave board process, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint free doors, screens, craft fan windows, computer desks. wood door cutting, wood door artwork engraving, wave boards, 3d photo engraving, small or large relief works, cylinder wood engraving, 3d photo engraving etc.
  2. Artwork industry: Figure engraving, character engraving and cutting, name brand making, small gift cutting, souvenirs making, carve various decoration letters, figures on small windows, fences, wall, etc.
  3. Model making: Mold industry: It can engrave metal molds such as copper, aluminum and iron, as well as non metal molds such as marble, sandstone, plastic board, PVC pipe and wood board.
  4. Other industries: CNC wood router can engrave all kinds of large reliefs and shadow, which are widely used in the craft gift industry.
  5. We supply 2 years warranty. You can come to our factory to learn the wood router machine. It’s free of charge.
  6. Operation manual and train videos are available for the CNC machine router.
  7. Online face to face train is offered, our engineers can speak English.
  8. 24 hours technical support is available.
  9. Quality inspect team will check and test the machine before shipment to ensure high performance and high stability.

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