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CO2 laser engraving machine, can shape and cut various non-metallic, such as acrylic acid, two-color plates, marble, wood, MDF, plywood, textile, leather, glass, paper, etc. , Clothes, furniture and other industries. Quick engraving and cutting speed, high precision. You can configure the upper and lower rendering stations, honeycomt tables, rotation, and the like.

laser metal engraving machine

cnc laser engraving machine

Wood Engraving Machine CO2 laser cutting machine, the standard worktable size is 1300*2500, equip with 150w/180w/260w/300w laser tube, satified the engraving and cutting requirements of large plate such as S.S sheet, C.S sheet, wood sheet, acrylic sheet and so on.

How is aLaser Wood Cutting Machine used?

CO2 laser engraving machine is widely used in a variety of non-metallic materials, such as acrylic, leather, cloth, paper, bamboo products, wood products, resin, rubber, etc. The mixed cutting machine can also be used for cutting and engraving thin metal sheets. Popular applications include:

1390 CO2 Laser Engraver Machines1390 CO2 Laser Engraver MachinesCO2 Laser Engraver Machines

1. Printing and packaging industry: rubber plate laser engraving, paper products laser cutting, knife template engraving, etc.

2. Craft gift industry: crystal carving, bamboo slips, bamboo mats, bamboo curtain laser hot stamping, ivory, bone, shell carving, woodblock book laser carving, mahogany laser carving, box-shaped crafts laser carving, chessboard laser carving, etc.

3. Advertising and publicity industry: large-scale blister cutting, plexiglass laser engraving (cutting), laser production of various plaques, crystal, trophy engraving, two-color plate laser engraving (cutting), metal sheet cutting.

4. Leather garment industry: cutting of all kinds of shoe materials, fur, real leather, artificial leather and surface pattern carving, cutting, hollowing; pattern cutting of all kinds of clothing, fabrics and textiles, etc.

5. Model making industry: sand table building model laser engraving (cutting) production; aviation, navigation, model laser engraving (cutting) production; cartoon character model laser engraving (cutting) production; industrial sample model laser engraving (cutting) production, etc.

6. Other industries: engraving marks on decorative materials such as marble, granite, glass, crystal, paper cutting, greeting cards and other paper craft cutting.

wood laser engraving machine

Main configuration of the Laser Wood Cutting Machine:

1. Worksheet: Aluminum knife work to handle hard materials such as acrylic, wood, etc.

2. Laser head: The air tube is installed therein. This does not contact the lens so dust. Blowing can cool the lens and cool the surface of the material. Red light positioning function (optional).

3. Taiwan Hiwin Guide Guide: Special linear guide rails are well stable, long service life, high noise, high precision.

4. Shanghai Futong belt: Fulong brand, wear resistance, good stability, compact structure, low noise. 5. Stepper motor: strong power, reliable performance, safe and secure, ensure that the machine is operating normally.

6. Reci W2 90W Laser Tube: 1) RECI laser tube power selection, fiber beam, high quality. 2) Closed CO2 laser tube, long life and stable power. The inside of the steel bars, the laser tube is not easy to collide, and it will cause damage when moving the machine. (EFR, RECI, CDWJ, Yong LL, optional)

7. Three mirrors and a lens: Singapore: 1) 45 °mirror adjustment set. Three-point dimming bolts for easy dimming. 2) Imported lens, suitable for lightweight virtual environments, high precision, high speed.

8. Ruida Control Pannel: Shenzhen Road Company’s control system does not need to encrypt the dog. English Control Panel is convenient and re-engraving after breakpoint or power failure. The Ruida Control system supports the USB cable controlled by Computerand and controls the offline control system only via the U disk.

What’s the difference between laser and CNC cutting wood?

There is a massive difference between laser wood cutting and CNC cutting for wood. But before discussing that, it is important to know what CNC is. It is the short form of Computerized Numerical Control. If the machine is controlled through computer software or pre-programmed code, it is called a CNC machine. It can be a laser machine, router, drill, or anything else. However, when people say CNC, they usually mean CNC routers.

A CNC router uses a drill bit to remove the material from the object or cut it into pieces. It makes physical contact with the surface and does the job just like any other power tool. It is a computer-controlled chisel. It produces too much dust and particles, and there are chances of harming the object due to physical contact.

On the other hand, a laser machine emits laser beams to cut the material. There is no physical contact, which is why it offers commendable results. It burns wood and removes the material. It is a good option for intricate cutting and phenomenal results.

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