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What To Pay Attention To With China Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

China gantry cnc plasma cutting machine is an electrical equipment, as long as it is electrical equipment it is dangerous, in the operation of gantry CNC plasma cutting machine must pay attention to the safety and protection awareness. Many customers in the use of gantry CNC cutting machine, often by experience do not pay attention to the safety of the operating procedures of random operation, can be buried hidden dangers. So how to operate Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is more secure?

gantry cnc plasma cutting machine-02What To Pay Attention To With Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

1. Machinery should pay attention to maintenance and keep clean and lubricated on various tracks.
2. Every time after the cutting is completed, the cutting gun should be lifted instantly to prevent the gun from crashing.
3. Gas road to pay attention to gas safety, the joints should not have air leakage, but also to prevent tempering.
4. There are many other details, which should be found slowly in the work.

Industrial Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Advantages
1.The bed part adopts a rectangular parallelepiped frame structure, and a rotating shaft is provided on the left end stage to cut both round tubes and flat plates。
2.The machine tool adopts high rigidity design and undergoes secondary aging treatment to fully eliminate internal stress. The precision of the machine tool is stable for a long time, ensuring the cutting precision of the whole machine.
3.The moving beam of the machine tool adopts a square tube welding structure. The overall rigidity is good and the strength is high. Each guide surface is precision machined to ensure the correct positioning of each moving body. The dynamic performance during telling operation is better, greatly improving the cutting accuracy of the whole machine.
4.Using professional CNC cutting software, easy to learn, easy to use, reduce operator requirements, greatly improve work efficiency. With professional software, real-time processing of various graphics and text can be realized. Simple to use, flexible and convenient.
5.Unilateral drive at both ends adopts pull-out three-point positioning, bilateral drive adopts symmetrical treatment, and the center of gravity is stable, ensuring a good dynamic balance.

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China Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Application
This product is an economic, easy-to-use operation and maintenance type CNC flame &plasma cutting machine which is devoted to many kinds of metal sheet cutting. To achieve a variety of metal materials by any graphic material cutting, after cutting the cut surface under normal circumstances does not require processing on the surface. With a high degree of automation, easy-to-use, high accuracy, high reliability and low price, operation, maintenance etc is very simple and widely applicable to the manufacture of machine tool, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering and mining machinery, electric power, bridge building and steel industries etc.

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