3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Router Tool Changer CNC 1325 ATC

This 1325 ATC CNC router is one of the most classic and popular CNC among the tool change engraving machines. Adopting the linear automatic tool change mode, which has fast tool change speed and high processing efficiency, which greatly improves productivity.

3 Axis ATC CNC RouterATC stands for automatic tool changer. An router tool changer adopts an electric spindle which automatically loosens or clamps tools by the movement of the internal cylinder. And the electric ATC spindle quickly auto changes the cutting tools without stopping work.

An ordinary cnc 1325 atc only adopts one cutting bit on the spindle. And the operator needs to stop the machine and then manually replaces the tool, so the processing efficiency is relatively low.

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Features of router tool changer :

  1. High strength welded bed with tempering aging treatment, Five sides milling CNC machining center processing, guarantees rigidity and precision of the machine
  2. Italian HSD ATC air cooling spindle, ensure the cutting effect
  3. France reducer and Yaskawa servo system to make sure speed and stability
  4. ATC system, multi tools for choice, meeting all kinds of engraving and cutting needs.

Maintenance of Wood CNC router

1, CNC wood carving confidential in a dry ventilated place (to prevent exposure)

2,Wood CNC router must be configured with a reliable regulator to ensure the safety ground ground

3, as the output file to a computer without Internet access CNC wood engraving machine

4, CNC wood engraving machine once every month to maintain (the screw on the amount of oil added)

5, the control box to be placed in a well ventilated place, the work can not be placed in high-temperature zone

6, in a certain period of time to check whether the line CNC wood engraving machine for loose

7, not in the CNC engraving machine head placed on the table or debris (with magnetic materials, super-weight items, liquid)

8, often time do not let the machine router tool changer table of the same corner of the work (in case screw, guide rail and the beam did not always time to contact can not reasonably be lubricated)

9, good lubrication, periodic inspection, cleaning screw, add or replace fat oil, the screw, nut and other parts of the movement is always good lubrication to reduce mechanical wear rate. CNC wood engraving machine computer control box maintenance If the computer and control box is too dirty, too much dust will affect the CNC wood engraving machine normal operation.

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