CNC Router Spindle Buyer Guide

The spindle of CNC machine is an important part of woodworking engraving machine. The quality of the CNC router spindle directly affects the processing speed and accuracy of the woodcarving machine. Therefore, a good CNC machine will be equipped with a high-performance spindle to make full use of its value.

Whether you are a former user of CNC router or a beginner, if you want to make better use of wood carving machine, it is not enough to only understand the types and functions of CNC machines. This article will start with the function introduction and the selection of CNC router spindle, focusing on the CNC machine spindle.

What is a CNC router spindle?

CNC router spindle are also called high speed spindle. This is a spindle that can be processed at high speed. It is widely used in some CNC equipment to achieve high-speed engraving, drilling, milling and cutting processes. Mainly used in furniture, decoration, handicraft, advertising industry, etc. The CNC milling machine must be equipped with a high-performance spindle to function.

Common types of CNC router spindle

According to the functions of spindles, can be divided into finishing spindles and high-power cutting spindles.

The characteristics of the finishing spindle are low noise, high speed and high precision. This type of spindle is usually a high-speed variable frequency motor spindle with relatively low power (usually less than 250W). Therefore, this type of CNC engraving machine is suitable for processing particularly precise parts, such as washers, nameplates, badges and gifts. Users should note that this type of CNC router spindle has low cutting ability when processing thicker materials and is not suitable for cutting thicker materials.

The high-power cutting spindle has high power and high cutting ability. It is mainly used for high-power engraving, especially suitable for cutting 3D fonts and characters. Of course, it can also be used to make bibs, nameplates, stamps, etc.

According to different spindle cooling methods, the spindles of CNC router machines can also be divided into air-cooled spindles and water-cooled spindles.

As the name implies, the water-cooled shaft uses the circulation of water to cool the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft. This kind of spindle has the advantages of higher machining accuracy, better cooling effect, long service life and low noise. However, because the water-cooled shaft must be connected to the water pump, a bucket is needed to hold the water and the water pipe must be connected. If it is the cold winter in the north, it is more likely to freeze. Therefore, users should consider this issue when choosing this type of CNC router spindle.

The air cooled shaft is cooled by a fan on the machine, without connecting a water pump and other equipment. Therefore, this spindle has the advantages of low purchase cost, low maintenance cost, simple and convenient operation, and is not affected by the surrounding environment and temperature. However, this type spindle is inferior to the water-cooled spindle in terms of cooling effect, machining accuracy, noise and service life.

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