CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine

CNC Solid Wood Door Making Machine for Sale-igolden-cnc

Solid Door Making Machine is a CNC automation equipment mainly used for cutting original wood boards and solid wood splicing boards. It is popular among the wood door industry and panel furniture industry.

CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine

Production of the CNC Solid Making Machine for Wood Door

The traditional cantilever wood door processing center used for solid wood door processing is costly and complicated to operate, and the equipment has never been widely used. The CNC solid wood portal machine developed and produced by Pinmai CNC is a CNC automatic processing equipment that is specialized in milling and drilling of solid wood assembled door stiles, risers, door mid-ranges, door core panels, etc., this model It is not only economical and practical, but also simple to operate without complicated programming. General workers can directly operate on the system, which greatly simplifies the process flow and improves work efficiency. It is the first choice for the majority of small and medium-sized wooden door manufacturers to increase their production capacity, and provides technical and equipment support for wooden door companies to break through the production bottleneck, making wooden door production time-saving, labor-saving and trouble-free.

CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making MachineCNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making MachineCNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine

Feature of the Solid Wood Door Making Machine

  1. Adopt high-end CNC system, easy to operate, and can process various styles of combined shapes and styles according to design requirements.
  2. With powerful functions, it can process various parts such as door stem, door core, door stile and so on.
  3. High processing efficiency and high precision.
  4. Economical and practical, low energy consumption, labor saving, multiple functions, high cost performance and other characteristics.
  5. Double-spindle positive and negative rotary milling, durable and no edge chipping.
  6. Multi-point positioning, cylinder-type material pressing to fix the plate to ensure processing accuracy.
  7. The door panel processing of the 45 degree group frame.


Reduce production costs: reduce the loss of raw materials and reduce labor costs.

Improve efficiency: increase production speed, improve machine and manpower use efficiency.

Reduce the difficulty of production: reduce the demand for professional operators and reduce the difficulty of using the machine.

Improve quality: improve processing accuracy, reduce scrap rate, and no need for rules after assembly. Control time cost, ensure delivery date, safe and efficient processing operation.

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