Tombstone Engraving Machines

CNC stone engraving machine_Marble engraving machine_Three-dimensional stone tombstone engraving machine

Large-scale stone engraving machine Multi-function stone engraving machine The function of the heavy-duty stone engraving machine can be engraving, embossing, line engraving, yin and yang engraving, grooving, hollowing, milling, and special-shaped cutting on the stone. When purchasing, you can choose and add new functions according to your actual needs.

CNC Stone Engraving Machine_Marble Engraving Machine_Three-dimensional Stone Tombstone Engraving Machine Features:

  1. Lettering, including large characters and small characters, of course, there are many methods, including pointed bottom characters, flat bottom characters, arc bottom characters, and there are differences between negative and positive carvings.
  2. Relief, such as the dragon and phoenix on the head of the tablet. The carvings are rich in content, flowers and plants, figures, landscapes, animals, patterns and so on.
  3. Line carving, the knife moves in the direction of the curve.
  4. Patterns, such as Huizi pattern, swastika pattern, antique pattern, etc.
  5. Drilling, there are two ways for drilling, one is vertical drilling (the diameter of the hole is the diameter of the knife), and the other is drilling along the contour (the diameter of the knife is smaller than the diameter of the hole).
  6. Special-shaped cutting: generally used for materials with a thickness of less than 10 cm, the engraving tool spirals down the knife, cuts along the contour, and can be cut into any shape.
  7. Digging grooves, some tombstones need to be pasted with porcelain images, and the engraving machine can dig grooves, which is fast and standard.
  8. Milling surface, the surface of some materials does not meet the requirements, you can use the machine to mill the surface.
  9. Surface processing, you can carve curved surfaces, such as stone lines, curved lines, wiper tiles, curved fences, etc., sarcophagus curved panels, etc.
  10. Projection processing, engraving on special-shaped surfaces (including regular and irregular surfaces such as inclined surfaces, arc surfaces, spherical surfaces, etc.), such as curved plates.

Tombstone Engraving MachinesAdvantages of stone engraving machine

Advantages 1. The stone engraving machine has a high degree of automation, which can greatly reduce the operator’s manual labor intensity.

The processing process of stone engraving machine is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start the tool setting, load and unload the workpiece, and replace the tool. During the processing process, it is mainly to observe and supervise the operation of the machine tool.

Tombstone Engraving Machines

Advantage 2. The machining parts have high precision and stable quality.

The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the stone engraving machine are very high, and it is easier to ensure the consistency of the size of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable, and careful operation, the parts can be guaranteed to obtain high processing accuracy, and it is also convenient for Implement quality control over the processing process.

Tombstone Engraving Machines

Advantage 3, high production efficiency.

Stone engraving machine processing can process multiple processing surfaces in one clamping, generally only the first piece is detected, so many intermediate processes in ordinary stone engraving machine processing can be omitted, such as scribing, size detection, etc., reducing auxiliary Time, and because the quality of the parts processed by numerical control is stable, it brings convenience to the subsequent processes, and its overall efficiency is significantly improved.

Advantage 4. It is convenient for new product development and modification.

CNC machining generally does not require a lot of complex process equipment. By compiling machining programs, parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements can be machined. When the product is remodeled or the design is changed, only the program needs to be changed without redesigning the tooling. Therefore, stone engraving machine processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a shortcut for the research and development of new products, product improvement and modification.

Shandong Jiabang CNC is a manufacturer specializing in the production of large-scale stone engraving machines, multi-function stone engraving machines and heavy-duty stone engraving machines. For more than ten years, Jiabang CNC has been continuously developing and improving in the fields of large-scale stone engraving machine, multi-function stone engraving machine, heavy-duty stone engraving machine, stone engraving and processing equipment, and is committed to improving the product quality and user experience of stone equipment. The company faces the national direct sales, sets up offices in many places across the country, provides high-quality and efficient products at preferential prices, and makes customers worry-free with good after-sales service.


CNC stone engraving machine_Marble engraving machine_Three-dimensional stone tombstone engraving machine

  1. Three-dimensional four-axis round carving: add a rotating axis to the machine and use four-axis linkage handle control. In this way, both planes and round carvings (such as dragon columns, stone lions, stigmas, Roman columns, Buddha statues, etc.) can be processed. It is recommended that customers, for round carvings of different sizes and styles, consult the manufacturer in detail about the structure suitable for their own machines, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort and save time and effort.
  2. Automatic leveling function: The machine automatically controls the leveling process. After the preset processing process, no manual operation is required until the processing is completed.
  3. Automatic tool change function: For some tombstones, there are many processes on a tombstone. Every time a tool is used, the tool needs to be changed once. The operator needs to perform certain manual operations. The automatic tool change function liberates manpower to a greater extent and further intelligentizes and automates the engraving machine.
  4. Spindle C-axis swing function: In ordinary machines, the spindle is always perpendicular to the machine table, and the spindle swing function is added. The spindle can rotate 180 degrees automatically, and can process larger angles of curved surfaces and sides, such as half on both sides of the tombstone. Dragon column, 1/2 round arc plate, side of square stone.
  5. Increase the saw blade head for profiling, such as wipers, tiles and other curved surfaces.

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